7 Top Fashion Museums In The World You Must Visit If You Love Haute Couture

Whether you love Italian fashion or understand the art of fashion, these museums of iconic designers and their labels, located in beautiful places around the world, are a must-visit for the fashion enthusiast. By Nitya Malik

1. Christion Dior Museum

Credit: Conde Nast Traveler

Located in Granville, France, this museum gives the visitors a chance to experience the unique collection of the designer label. This was Dior’s childhood home: a beautiful cliff top villa, which was turned into this renowned museum. All of his collection is spread across the museum, timeless classic couture dresses, accessories, archives and some of his personal possession.

2. Salvatore Ferragamo Museum

Credit: firenzeyesplease.com

Located in Florence, Italy, this museum was opened in 1995. It illustrates the life and work of the genius shoe designer, who plays a huge role in the history of fashion. Containing not only books, magazines, sketches and patents; the museum has a collection 10,000 models of shoes created by Ferragamo. Each design portraying a certain theme and issue, and obviously his artistic quality.

3. Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Credit: MuseeYvesSaintLaurent.com

Located both in Paris and Morocco, the museum pays homage to the haute couture collection of the designer. It is the first ever museum dedicated to a 20th-century designer, his clothes took the fashion world by storm and redefined how women should dress. The entire museum highlights the life and collection of the designer.

4. The Gucci Museum

Credit: thetravelmanor.com

Located in Florence, the museum opened in 2011. Built in a 14th-century palazzo, where the label was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921, which is now one of the revered Italian fashion brands. The museum has collections from different eras. Not only clothing, bags, accessories and jewellery, visitors can also explore the library, cafeteria and the boutique built in the museum itself.

5. Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum

Credit: thelifepile.com

Opened in 2011, the museum is built in the village of Getaria, Spain which was the designer’s home town. The museum features the iconic life of the designer through his designs. Exhibiting collections from his entire career, the visitors get to know the fundamentals of Balenciaga’s design philosophy. The place also contains sack dresses and balloon jackets, one of the most significant creations of the brand.

6. Victoria’s Secret Museum

Credit: brandlifemag.com

Located in New York in the flagship store on Fifth Avenue, the collection comprises the iconic pieces from its fashion shows. The museum is basically the history of the fashion shows that have taken place with Victoria’s Secret. You can see all the creative pieces in real life. From Gigi Hadid’s debut outfit to Bella Hadid’s iconic off the shoulder robe: this museum is everything fantastical.

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