Watch These Fascinating Tourism Ads For Some Post-Lockdown Travel Inspo!

Travelling in real life might not be an option right now. But we all can dream at least—a dream of wandering off to those faraway lands, of finally taking the solo trip that had been on hold for years, of a romantic beach escape with the love of your life, or of a cross-country road trip with friends or family. Thankfully, dreaming knows no bound. So while you wait for the travel ban to lift, here’s an interesting roundup of eight best tourism ads by various tourism boards across the world to help in keeping the wanderlust alive in your heart and travel dreams fresh in your mind. By Sushmita Srivastav

1. Fill Your Heart With Ireland

One couple. One Country. And two head-mounted cameras connected to heart-rate monitors. Result? This amazing piece of work where you get to see exactly what all is going to capture your heart in the North Atlantic island country. Tourism Ireland invited a real-life couple to indulge in the most amazing experiences across Ireland and tracked their coveted heart monitors the entire time. So, the final footage in the ad you see is a compilation of all the places that set the two hearts racing! It is indeed a beautiful attempt to show that ‘Ireland is not just a destination, it is a feeling.’

2. Blind Tourist – Tourism Quebec

There’s a reason we close our eyes—to kiss, to pray, to cry, to dream, and especially, to feel. While travelling is mostly associated with ‘seeing the sights’, this emotionally appealing ad by Tourism Quebec attempts to look beyond the notion. Danny Kean, a blind-by-birth man from Long Island NY, sets off to travel across outdoorsy Canadian province and discovers an uncountable number of ways that Quebec can indulge you in. A twist on the traditional use of visuals in tourism ads, this heart-warming one makes sure you add Quebec to your bucket list.

3. Dundee Super Bowl Ad – Tourism Australia

Millions of people religiously tune in to watch the Super Bowl every year, and probably that’s the reason why Super Bowl commercials are always been looked forward to. In 2018, Tourism Australia won those millions of hearts with its minute-long ad and here’s how. Few weeks before the Super Bowl, trailers were surfaced online for a reboot of the 1986 Australian movie, Crocodile Dundee, starring Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth. The supposed sequel was to be a journey of the two across Australia on a search looking out for the Dundee character from the original movie. As the ad begins during the Super Bowl, it seems like yet another trailer but turns out midway as a ‘fake movie’ attempt and was an elaborate ruse for showing the bests of Australia to inspire Americans to come visit it. The ad film also had cameos by Hugh Jackman, Margot Robbie, Russell Crowe, Isla Fisher, Liam Hemsworth, and of course, the original Crocodile Dundee himself—Paul Hogan.

4. Enchanting India – Incredible India

While foreign tours are alluring, it’s almost impossible not to think of travelling within our own incredible country. Impeccably showing how colourful and diverse the Indian land is, this Incredible India ad maps the length and breadth of the country in the simplest yet unique ways for you to traverse it virtually. Enjoy!

5. The Mount Pearl Anthem 

What if I tell you there’s a rather catchy and hilarious way to virtually visit Mount Pearl, a lesser-known small city on the Atlantic coast of Newfoundland in Canada? In a rap video starring local real estate agent Jason Piercey, the proud city talks (actually, sings) about the littlest things it finds pride in. From Frosty the Snowman mascot to Peter’s Pizza and Landwash Brewery, everything finds space as the video amusingly shows the laid-back and slow-paced life of Mount Pearl.

6. Airbnb Listing – Visit Sweden

So, a guy named Ake has listed Sweden on Airbnb and now, you can make whole of this 100-million-acre of breathtaking land your home. Well, almost. In a brilliant attempt, Visit Sweden partnered with the hospitality giant to turn the entire country into an Airbnb listing, inviting everyone to experience their constitutional right of allemansrätten or the ‘freedom to roam’. The country lets you roam, cycle, or even camp anywhere you like and it wants the rest of the world to try!

7. Meet South Africa. Meet Bheki: The Mbhaco Maker

While there’s a rat-race ongoing in the rest of the world to ‘keep it short’, South Africa Tourism decides to turn towards a 10-minute-long short film to inspire travel. Bheki, a native dressmaker, decides to explore its own country in search of inspiration. And thus, begins his narrative kaleidoscopic journey through South Africa, deeply indulging in and exploring its diversity in cultures and lands.

8. Kashmir – The Warmest Place On Earth

It’s heaven on earth for more reasons than one. Kashmir has so much to offer that probably a short ad won’t justify. This heart-warming feature shows how magical this piece of dream is really is. But more than that, it focuses on the warm smiles and big hearts of the locals. As a newly-wed couple explores Kashmir with a local guide, the little twist makes your heart filled with many emotions. I’ll leave it here for you to watch and decide.

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