If you’re a fan of picking up organic produce when you travel, you will love these farmers’ markets not only for what they offer, but because they are just so beautiful to walk through. By Anuja Dixit


Mercato di Sant’ Ambrogio, Florence, Italy


Farmer's Market
The shops at Mercato Alimentare Sant’Ambrogio run between 7AM and 2PM on all days except Sunday and is most crowded on Saturdays. This market, although very local, is thronged by tourists who come from around the world for a typical Florentian experience. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables, homemade cheese, olives, bread, soaps, honey, and more.

Jemaa el-Fna Marrakesh, Morocco

Farmer's Market
Credits: Culture Trip
Gorge on delicious street food, get entertained by snake charmers and street theatre, and soak up the ambience of Jemaa el-Fna Marrakesh in Morocco. This farmers’ market was declared the ‘Masterpiece of World Heritage’ in 2001 because of the true representation it gives of the ethnic and cultural fabric of the city. The market offers the typical- dates, dried figs, almonds and walnuts- and becomes extraordinary when its huge open air space glitters with gas lanterns after the sun sets. At night, you can enjoy kebabs from the smoked grills.

Pimlico Road Farmers’ Market, London, England

Farmer's Market
Credits: real-foodie
Pamlico Farmers Market, also popular as the Orange or Mozart Square is located in Belgravia, London. Established in the quaint surroundings of an English neighbourhood, the open-air market has only 25 to 30 stalls offering a wide range of fresh veggies, fish and poultry, homemade breads and cakes, mushrooms, pies, potted plants and seasonal produce like asparagus and cherries that are must buys here.

Dallas Farmers’ Market Dallas, Texas

Farmer's Market
Credits: Gilt Guide
From open-air pavilions and artsy stores to live events, the Dallas Farmers’ Market is nestled amid Texas skyscrapers and is immediately recognisable with its vintage interior that’s made of reclaimed wood and metal. This is probably one of the oldest farmers markets and dates to 1939. ‘The shed’ is the place where farmers come together to offer visitors a wide selection of fruits and vegetables, flowers, plants and food made from fresh farm produce. It also has a handful of art and craft vendors for you to pick some quick souvenirs from.

Pikes Place Farmers’ Market Seattle, Washington

Farmer's Market
Credits: BOOMSbeat
With more than 80 restaurants, bars, and cafes, and 500 shops, this place is an epicentre of fresh farm produce. Spread across nine acres, the market was established in 1907 and accommodates dozens of farmers, a bustling crafts market, and unique  handicraft shops. This market is open till late evening and has numerous spots to park yourself at. Have a drink at Radiator Whiskey, shop at Golden Age Collectables and devour desserts at Daily Douzen Doughnuts.

Grant Park Farmers’ Market, Atlanta, GA

Farmer's Market
Credis: cfmatl.org
Over the years, the Grant Park Farmers’ Market in Atlanta has been voted the best farmers’ market in the state several times. One can spend a laid back morning in the scenic surroundings, sit and relax after shopping for breads and artisan food. What makes it more interesting are the free culinary demonstrations by celebrity chefs every Sunday. Here, top chefs such as Hugh Acheson, Kevin Gillespie, Steven Satterfield, Virginia Willis, as well as bloggers and critics come together to celebrate food and learn from the masterchefs.

Aoyama Farmers’ Market, Tokyo

Farmer's Market
Credit: Never Not Going
Aoyama Farmers Market is the cutest of all markets you could ever find. Located in Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, this market has everything from flowers, veggies, bonsai trees, domestic honeys, oils, and spices, pickled salads, breads, cookies and homemade ginger ale. Big smiles, warm conversations and an aesthetically orchestrated market with cute mini trucks and stalls are worth an experience.

Charleston Farmers Market, Charleston, SC

Farmer's Market
Credits: Southern Living
This farmers market has the farmers around Charleston setting up shops to sell  tomatoes, strawberries, meat, veggies and eggs. You can also grab a cup of coffee and boiled peanuts and find local food trucks under the oak trees. You may call this place hip and find locals putting on music, spinning hula hoops, and starting impromptu guitar jam sessions.