The Internet and its wonders never fail to surprise (or shock us!). A new challenge, called the #FallingStars is trending and has taken the net by storm, and quite frankly, we have no clue why. By Japleen Kaur

Originating from China, the challenge is slowly taking over all parts of the world, and gracing Instagram. It’s essentially rich teens sprawled out of a luxury vehicle with expensive items spread all around them, depicting that they’re the stars who have fallen. Indeed, that’s what #FallingStars challenge is all about!

Things have gotten interesting as people have started using this challenge in their daily life. Whether they’re at the gym, indulging in some photography or just plain bored–kids and pets are also being used as props to fuel the creativity.

Now, since we anyway click pictures for our Instagram feed, and if you’re on a vacation, this might be a good exercise to be a part of. Harmless fun, right? You don’t have to necessarily be wealthy to do this. If I had to do this, I’d just use maps, passport, compass, my bag, binoculars, camera as props. Not a bad idea, right?

If you’ve got some time, then this is one challenge that won’t put your life in danger (unless, you’re really stupid), and if you have friends, it’s even better. You know what they say — the more, the merrier!


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How I’m trying to be 😂 #fallingstarschallenge #fallingstar #fallingstars2018

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