When in Thailand, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer multiplicity of options to explore, places to see, parties to be at, food to eat, and what not! Truly, the place has built a niche for itself in tourism and it only reaches new heights every day. If Thailand is on your list too, consider adding Pattaya under your Thai itinerary. A place studded with temples and beaches just as well as party places and dazzling markets, Pattaya is the melting pot of Thai culture. By Shubhanjana Das

1. The Sanctuary of Truth

This humbling teak structure carved in meticulous detail stands as a visual metaphor for the importance that religion, philosophy, and art has played in carving the path for humans to our development and the follies of neglecting spirituality and morality in the undying endeavour to reach the heights of materialism and capitalism. Sounds like a lot? Well, it’s food for thought. Mind-blown.

2. Pattaya Floating Market

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A 100,000 square metres big market with over 100 shops selling everything from fruits to antiques? Yes, please! Pattaya’s floating market calls to us like hot cakes calls to people with a serious case of sweet tooth. Can you leave empty-handed? Well, you SHOULDN’T! The market is divided into four sections and is open from 8 in the morning to 9 in the evening every day.

3. Frost Magical Ice of Siam

Being surrounded in an artificially created ice dome in minus 10 degrees while the sun scorches outside is a weird but extremely exciting feeling nonetheless! You would wish you could spend your entire day inside, relax in the igloos and watch the changing lights and fun sculptures made out of ice. Sounds super fun, right?

4. Khao Chi Chan

Some wise person once said that all the good things in life come for free. One visit to Khao Chi Chan or the Buddha Mountain and you’ll know how true that is! This mountain, once used for raw material supplies, was carved by laser with a big Buddha in 1996 and is now a tourist hotspot. It was later filled with gold and the temple in front of the mountain and the scenic beauty surrounding it make it a worthy visit.

5. Walking Street

How can it be that this list doesn’t feature the most famous spot in Pattaya, the Walking Street? This 500-m long stretch is devoid of any vehicles after 6 pm and opens itself to party animals from all over the country and beyond. Seafood restaurants, live music venues, beer bars, discotheques, sports bars, go-go bars, and nightclubs — say it and Walking Street will have it at your disposal.

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