As London embraces a golden sunshine before winters, ditch the restaurants and cafes, grab a rug, gather friends and family, hoard sandwiches, pastries and some fizz for a wholesome picnic. These picnic parks of London are perfect for an al fresco breakfast, brunch, lunch, or evening tea, thus making them ideal for embracing the fall in London with your near and dear ones. By Shubhanjana Das

1. St James’s Park

Hands down one of our favourite picks for a picnic lunch, St James’s Park may not speak of royalty through its small size but it’s flanked by the Buckingham Palace, the Mall, and the Horse Guards Parade in different directions. The lake in the middle of the lake is teeming with life and has a Tiffany fountain shooting a 20 ft spray in the air. Perfect space to cosy up and bask in some Vitamin D.

2. Battersea Park

The Battersea Park has its very own zoo, housing inhabitant wildlife, which definitely is a welcome sight away from the bustle of London. There’s a four-storey art gallery in the park, which also boasts of an exclusive view of the Thames. The open spaces are aplenty, so pick your favourite spot and lay down that rug for an idle afternoon.

3. Victoria Park

For those who like the idea of feasting in the middle of large open spaces but aren’t so excited about carrying their own food, Victoria Park is the apt pick, given that it has a cafe in the heart of the park. It is also the oldest public park in London and its canals and ponds thrive with flora and fauna. Its sprawling green spaces lure you in and there’s no way you can leave here before sunset.

4. Primrose Hill

For some people, picnics are all about gazing at the vast green spaces and the soothing blue skies above. However, when at Primrose Hill, you’ll be lounging at 60 m above sea level while the London skyline is laid out in front of you. Seriously, do sandwiches even taste as good without a view of London?

5. Kew Gardens

Picnic in the heart of a thriving botanical garden? Yes, please! Besides having a specifically dedicated picnic space near Brentford Gate, you can always pick your own spot. The garden is an absolute delight during spring season because of its full bloom. During autumn, the copper, golden, and rust shades take over, making it as picturesque and beautiful as London fall gets.

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