This Is Proof That Denmark Is Experiencing the Most Gorgeous Autumn Ever

Denmark is experiencing a breathtaking autumn season and travellers have been sure to capture it on frame. See for yourself. By Nitya Malik


Rosenberg Castle, Copenhagen

The Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen looks magnificent at dusk. The crispness in the air and the clear blue sky provides an Instagram-worthy shot.



A wet lane in Odense, the third largest city in Denmark. It is a peaceful city worth wandering about it during autumn.

Tivoli Garden, Copenhagen

This watermill situated in Tivoli Garden, Copenhagen. Also known as the Ferris wheel, it looks stunning during autumn with orange leaves covering the floor of the garden.


 Christianshavns Kanal, Copenhagen

The area around the Christianshavns Kanal is a favourite spot for tourists who can walk and cycle on the cobblestoned walkaways or simply enjoy moored boat rides under the orange sky.

Bagsværd Lake

The Bagsværd Lake is nature at its finest during Fall. With the forest running adjacent to it, one can enjoy a day here with a picnic under the trees.


 Pot Molle, Hammel

If you just walked by this rustic house, you wouldn’t guess that it was a restaurant. Pot Molle, in the small town of Hammel, is a great place to unwind over beer and finger food after a walking trip in the town.


City Hall Tower, Copenhagen

Just a stunning picture of the Copenhagen skyline during fall. This is the City Hall Tower located in central part of the city.



An enchanted forest in the city of Aalborg. Experience sunset during fall, it is astonishing and enjoy watching these beautiful horses.


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