Dining in an aquarium, between the sea, or with a waterfall by your side sounds impossible until we give you a list of places that can add an element of thrill to your meal with their unusual locations and peculiar eating traditions. Here are the best five extraordinary places to eat at so you can ditch the clichéd dining-table culture and take home an experience of a lifetime! By Ishani Singh

1) Silky Oaks Lodge, Mossman

Located alongside the Daintree National Park, Silky Oaks Lodge offers guests with an exceptional rainforest experience as a natural attraction and a luxurious retreat. You can enjoy a fine meal of the modern Australian cuisine in the open-air Treehouse Restaurant with a backdrop of tranquil sounds and utter peacefulness. The food is a product of fresh seasonal ingredients sourced from local farmers and fishermen.

2) Huvafen Fushi Resort, Maldives

Enjoy a sensuous culinary moment on a table immersed in the waters of the infinity pool at Huvafen Fushi resort. You can savour a meal in the shallows of the pool with its spectacular fiber optic lights as your feet touch the warm water. This place is apt for an excellent private dining experience and gourmet pleasures.

3) The Chillout Lounge, Dubai

The ice lounge in the Middle East is made of ice sculptures, ice seating and tables and an extraordinarily illuminated interior — all at a chilling temperature of minus-six degrees! This freezing place serves soups, sandwiches, juices, hot chocolates, coffee, tea and a variety of deserts, mocktails and bakery items. Choose this place for an unmatched experience of cold-dining.

4) A380 In-Flight Kitchen, Taiwan

The restaurant is modelled to resemble the the inside of an airplane. It has oval-shaped windows, white baggage compartments and dotted blue seats. Guests are served by waitresses dressed as flight attendants, and serves regular western food, sometimes even in plastic trays. Staff say ‘welcome aboard’ to customers and issue boarding passes to those who are on the waiting list for tables.

5) The Labassin Waterfall, Philippines

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THE LABASSIN WATERFALL RESTAURANT, Philippines. НЕОБЫЧНЫЙ РЕСТОРАН В ВОДОПАДЕ НА ФИЛИППИНАХ На Филиппинах есть потрясающий ресторан The Labassin Waterfall, столики которого находятся прямо в воде у подножия небольшого водопада. Этот необычный ресторан находиться недалеко от филиппинского города Сан-Пабло и располагается на территории отеля Villa Escudero. И если рестораны возле водопадов тебе уже надоели, то The Labassin Waterfall предлагает перекусить прямо в воде у подножия небольшого водопада. А после еды ты можешь полежать в воде, подставив ноги или голову под потоки воды. Детям такой ресторан наверняка тоже придется по вкусу — пока родители сидят за столом, они могут поиграть в водопаде. #VillaEscudero #TheLabassinWaterfall #Restaurant #Philippines #своимходом #ресторан #design #tourism #tour #beauty #instablogger #instatravel #trip #travel #traveling #traveler #instalike #likeforlike #photo #travelblog #world #vacation #weekend #love #beautiful #amazing #travelgram #aroundtheworld #inspiration #art

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This one-of-a-kind restaurant gives you the chance to dine in the middle of a waterfalls. Situated at the Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort, it serves authentic seafood on bamboo tables and guests can relish a Filipino platter with their feet dipped in cold water or even get drenched under the artificial waterfall in the middle of the meal!

Do you have one of these on your mind to enjoy your next meal?

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