Famous ice sheets of Greenland, known for covering 80% of this nation has many attractions to offer. One such attraction is its capital Nuuk. Located on the west coast, the capital of Greenland is one of the smallest capital cities in the world. Let us take you inside the colourful city of Nuuk. By Divyansh Mehta

1. Ukkusissat Mountain

What’s better than starting your trip with the image of the entire city? A hike to the peak of Ukkusissat Mountain will give you just that. After witnessing the ethereal view, you probably would not want to head back home. The hike to the mountain starts from Qinngorput and will take you to the highest point, which is 742 metres above sea level. The trek is guaranteed to provide you with a spectacular experience.

2. Greenland National Museum and Archives

The largest museum in Greenland would give you an opportunity to witness Qilakitsoq mummies at Greenland National Museum and Archives. Established in the 1960s, the museum highlights the heritage and culture that ever existed on this island. From Danish colonisers to Viking visitors and Inuit natives, you will have the first-hand experience to study and know more about this island.

3. Nuuk Art Museum

The collection of Greenland’s art and craft are showcased in the Nuuk Art Museum. The impressive collection of this museum formed its base from the 20th century with approximately 250 paintings and more than 300 Greenlandic figurines. The two sections of the museum showcase its own paintings on one side and an exhibition room in extension to the building houses exhibitions for the local talent and artists from all over the globe.

4. Nuuk Fjord

In order to experience the wilderness of this country, you need to take a boat, which also happens to be the favourite mode of transport for Greenlanders. Activities such as fishing, hunting and sailing into the surrounding fjords would definitely be the main highlight for your vacation to this nation.

Getting There:

In order to reach to Nuuk, you will have to fly from Reykjavik, Iceland to the capital of Greenland. Air Greenland is considered to be the most suitable way to reach to this country from Iceland.


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