Malawi is a perfect vacation spot if you wish to discover the lesser-known tourist places in East Africa. A beautiful amalgamation of lakes, landscape and culture, this country is contoured by Miombo trees, and Zambezian and Mopane woodlands. By Divyansh Mehta

These places would make you want to visit the country this summer.

1. Likoma Island

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Good morning from Malawi! Magic blue… Likoma Island is the larger of two inhabited islands in Lake Malawi (also known as Lake Nyasa), in East Africa, the smaller being the nearby Chizumulu. Likoma and Chizumulu both belong to Malawi, and together they make up the Likoma District. Although both islands lie just a few kilometres from Mozambique, and are entirely surrounded by Mozambican territorial waters, they are both exclaves of Malawi. Likoma has no paved roads, and there are very few motor vehicles. Electricity is provided by a generator that is usually switched off at 10pm. There is a small telephone network on the island, although telephones themselves are quite rare. You can now get a reliable Internet connection with 3G operators. Likoma has a tarred airstrip and can be reached by plane. Nyassa Air Taxi have small aircraft flying between Lilongwe and Likoma on a regular shuttle service from $280/$490 for a single/return trip. The island's main mode of transportation is provided by the MV Ilala steamer boat that circumnavigates Lake Malawi, stopping over at all the main settlements on the coast and the islands. In addition, The MV Chambo links the island with the town of Nkhata Bay on the west side of the lake once a week. Smaller boats (including dhows) cross the strait between Likoma and Chizumulu, and also between Likoma and Cobue in Mozambique. Both goods and people are transported through these routes. As Likoma is a relevant tourist destination in Malawi, there are a few hotels and backpacker hostels, usually based on ecotouristicprinciples. The waters around Likoma are appreciated for snorkelling and diving. Photo by Jon Hillyer #travelingram #igtravel #travelgram #trip #travel #traveller #tourist #mytravelgram #vacation #europe #photo #photographer #pieceofworld #amazing #travelblog #asia #america #australia #photoblog #world #architecture #building #africa #nofilter #blue #morning #malawi #likomaisland #pieceofworld89

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The island’s coves and sandy beaches have one of the best snorkelling and diving spots in Malawi. Located near the Malawi lake’s eastern shore, the barren and rocky island covers an area of around eight square miles (20. 7 square km). Fishing, cultivation of grain, cassava and corn are some of the activities carried out on this beautiful island. With attractions such as diving for tourists, this island is an upcoming paradise for adventure seekers.

2. Thyolo Tea Estates

Satemwa, one of the best and the most popular tea estates under Thyolo Tea Estates in Malawi, offers tasting sessions where guests can learn more about tea: how it’s grown, dried and prepared, followed by a display of variety of teas. However, Thyolo Tea Estates is not just about Satemwa. There are various other smaller estates that produce tea for countries across the globe. The Thyolo Reserve also offers pleasant surroundings for travellers. Taking a walk or riding a bicycle in this reserve could be another wish fulfilled on your bucket list.

3. Lake Malawi

Also known as Lake Nyasa, Malawi is the third largest lake of South Africa. It is home to over 1000 fish species, of which over 10% are endangered. The lake holds 7% of the world’s surface freshwater and commercial fisheries based on the freshwater fish Tilapia. Kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving and water-skiing are some of the lake activities available to visitors.

4. Liwonde National Park

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With the Shire river located towards its west, the Liwonde National Park accommodates a large number of animals and birds. Elephants, crocodiles, black rhino, bush-bucks, hyena and kudu are major attractions of the park. The Mvuu lodge and Kuthengo Camp offer splendid lodging options with a view to enjoy.

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