Expensive cars, limited edition jewellery, ridiculously priced artwork may cost people millions, but did you know that there are services that help them achieve this insane lifestyle? Read them here. By Payal Das


  • Registries To Put Your Name On Everything

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Credits: Business Insider

The rich people love to see their name on everything rich around them. These registries help them have their name on the most luxurious items. Suppose when they want to pre-order a premium or vintage and rare car, they would usually go to duPont Registry to customise their names on the car. If they want to buy a rare diamond, they will approach a similar kind of registry that arranges for the ridiculously large monetary transactions.

rich people experiences
Credits: Car Sensation

It is a website where people can buy things like jets, yachts, and even real estate! It is the most luxurious e-commerce site to exist today. These people have also listed their names on Batmobile, a website where one can buy a legal Batmobile Tumbler for $1 million!

  • Black Russian Cigarettes with Gold Filters

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Credits: Pinterest

Are you even a rich smoker if you don’t show off your cigarettes every now and then? Sobranie, one of the most famous luxury tobacco companies, produce these black Russian cigarettes embellished with gold carats! And that’s not it. Their filters are made out of actual gold foil for an exceptional experience, for the ones who can afford it.

  • Berkshire Hathaway

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Credits: Stanford University

Berkshire Hathaway is a company headed by Warren Buffett. People who buy shares of this company are super-rich. Because one share costs around $1,97,500.00! Yes, you read that right.

  • Submarine Sports Car

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Credits: Open Walls

What’s the fun in driving on land when you can drive underwater?! And the advantage? There is no traffic police down there! There are fully functional aquatic sports cars that can be driven on the beds of the ocean. For the super-rich who are bored with their monotonous life of luxury can choose to run their cars underwater. And mind you, not only drive but also race! You can find these cars on Hammacher.com

  • Art Insurance

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Credits: Medium

If you’ve ever been to or participated in an art auction, you know how the price of things escalate quickly. But what happens afterwards is even more interesting as these paintings worth millions are so vulnerable and precious that they cannot just be left hanging on the walls. Therefore, after paying the millions just for ownership, art collectors an extraordinary sum of money to insure the art against fires, and other emergencies. The two kinds of insurance includes- payback of the sum spent on the painting, or a rescue operation by an equipped team in case of fire.

  • Professional Picture Hanger

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Credits: YouTube

Did you know you there is a legit professional you can hire to hang your very expensive paintings? That is right, it is a real job. These professional picture hangers can come over to your place and hang the art piece in the most perfect manner possible. They take measurements based on the location and the product and then  check whether natural or artificial lighting is better for a particular piece. It may be a couple of hours’ job, but it takes a bomb to hire such a professional.

  • Psychological Wealth Counselling

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Credits: Phys.org

It may seem like the extremely wealthy are ecstatic about owning tonnes of money, but the reality may surprise you. Top-notch banks hire psychologists for their premium customers because they are always worried that they have too much money! It may not seem like a real issue for many, but this ‘rich person problem’ is totally legit. Jamie Traeger-Muney, a well-known wealth psychologist says, “Wealth is still a taboo in our culture”. If you think about it, this actually makes sense since the wealthiest people can seldom find peers to discuss their wealth with. Thank goodness for these wealth counsellors that they can keep their mental peace.