Ethiopia Plants 350 Million Trees In A Day To Tackle Climate Change! 

Climate change is an emerging reality and if we don’t take action against it now, there’s no looking back! Ethiopia has set new examples for the world on July 29. The country has collectively planted a total of 350 million trees in a day. By Kumar Shree 

In order to tackle the adverse effects of climate change, deforestation and drastic decrease in Ethiopia’s forested area from that of 30% at the end of 19th century to that of a mere 4% in the present, the Ethiopian government under the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, is taking strict measures and implementing sustainable, impactful changes on ground. One such aim is to plant a total of four billion trees between the months of May and October.

As an implementation of this reforestation campaign called ‘Green Legacy’, Ethiopia planted around 350 million trees in a span of just 12 hours on July 29, thus establishing a one-of-its-kind record. Government officials, ministers, citizens, business communities and international organisations from all over the country and the world also participated in Ethiopia’s noble initiative. Announcing the initiative, the Ethiopian Prime Minister tweeted, “Today #Ethiopia is set in our attempt to break the world record together for a #GreenLegacy. The 12hr countdown has begun.”

While the Prime Minister’s office monitored the entire mass planting event through use of softwares especially developed for the purpose, Ethiopia’s Innovation and Technology Minister Dr Getahun Mekuria tweeted the final number at 353 million on Monday evening. Before this, the record for planting a maximum number of trees in a day at 50 million trees was with India. Well, we must see to it that records like this keep breaking, often. 

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