Estonia’s New Post-Corona Tourism Plan Introduces ‘Digital Nomad Visa’

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Tired of working from the same place during this quarantine? What if we told you that a country in Europe is now welcoming digital nomads to stay! Here is everything we know about Estonia’s new way of wooing remote workers with its ‘digital nomad visa.’ By Amitha Ameen

Are you someone who can work from anywhere as long as you have the internet? Estonia has recently become the first country in the world to provide a digital nomad visa. The EU member and Baltic country has taken this step in the hopes of attracting prospective workers to live and spend money within its borders.

All those applicants interested in this uniquely attractive offer need to be able to show that they have a steady remote income. The remote workers will live and spend money, helping increase the local economy without making a dent in the jobs of the native citizens.

Estonia’s new digital nomad visa will be available to the public once borders reopen. As of now, the country along with the rest of Europe is open only to those travellers coming from within the European Union region and will remain closed for non-Europeans through the end of June.

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