Move over Netflix and Prime Video. Here are some other essential apps that you need to have during this period of self-isolation, while we wait for #CoronaBeGone. By Amitha Ameen



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Self-isolation or quarantine can get really overwhelming when practiced for long periods. Companionship of any kind is key during these times, and this is where the HearMe App comes in. If you want someone to talk to, the app will anonymously connect you with empathetic HearMe Listeners from anywhere in the world, in under a minute for free. Pretty cool isn’t it? Now you will always have someone to talk to.

2. Podcasts


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Podcasts have been a rising trend. More so now, since we are all confined to our homes during the coronavirus pandemic. A better alternative to watching the idiot box all day long is put on your favourite podcasts and just relax and listen. Exactly, why it made it to our essential apps list! Even music streaming platform Spotify offers some great podcasts. And what’s even better, most of these platforms are free.

3. YouVisit

This app can be used via web or on the phone with a VR headset. With up to 8k resolution, enjoy travelling to the Louvre in Paris, enjoy a helicopter ride over NYC, hang in the rice fields of Bali or take a stroll through the ancient Ayutthaya temples in Thailand. It honestly, can’t get better than this!

4. Scribd


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Now, this is one of our favourites. Scribd Founder & CEO Trip Adler, last week announced that they were making Scribd’s library free for 30 days. “With millions of people around the globe staying close to home to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19, access to books and information is more important that ever before,” read a press release by the company on Instagram.

5. Headspace


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If you are starting to feel claustrophobic staying at home, switch on the headspace app and let your mind travel places. This app comes highly rated by millions of active users, who swear by it’s positive effects. While the app is mostly free, some of the features require in-app purchases.

6. Google News

With the current ongoing situation, it is vital that we stay on top of news, and especially relevant and verified news. As more and more fake news information is getting circulated causing mass hysteria, Google News is definitely the best place to get fact-checked news.

7. YouTube


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Sure, you have used youtube before. But here is what you probably did not know: Search for your destination of choice with “360” or “vr” at the end. Put on your imaginary seatbelt, keep your popcorn tub close by, and be ready for the journey of a lifetime.

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