From the most unusual smoothie ingredients to the most effective workouts, T+L India & South Asia brings you what’s worth travelling for in the world of wellness. By Ishani Singh

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Emerging Wellness TrendsEmerging Wellness Trends

This Swedish lifestyle trend works on the philosophy of balance. Literally, ‘not too little, not too much’, Lagom reflects on a positive set of life choices that will make you happy. The idea behind Lagom goes beyond emotional well-being to embrace belongingness and shared responsibility. A minimalistic approach towards a healthy lifestyle is the underlying principle of Lagom, which stresses on the mantra ‘less mess equals less stress’. Effective measures for putting Lagom into practice include clearing unnecessary clutter from your life, donating things you don’t use on the regular to the needy and minimising extra purchases by using the things you already have at home. It is said to develop better communication at work, healthy eating habits with food prepared with simple and tasty ingredients and a positive outlook towards life. Try Lagom at the El Cosmico campsite in Texas. Relax your senses and experience a balanced life at this boutique campsite that offers accommodation in restored vintage trailers and Sioux-style tepees. It also has access to several communal common spaces like a hammock grove, an outdoor kitchen and a dining area, with popular activities ranging from stargazing to biking.

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Emerging Wellness Trends

A popular detoxifying agent, this dark-green pigment is a great source of energy and has numerous health benefits. Chlorophyll is available naturally in whole fruits and vegetables and in the form of modern-day supplements. Chlorophyll water, which boosts the number of red blood cells and is rich in micronutrients and antioxidants, is popular in juice bars around the world. It has anti-bacterial properties, the ability to fight acne and reduce the risk of tumors and helps in weight loss. All you need is a lemon, some ginger and liquid chlorophyll mixed in water and your energy drink for the day is ready! Try the stress-busting and detoxifying Treatment Chlorophyll Oxygen at b’o Resort’s Spa Thermal in France. The five-day journey includes detoxifying hydrotherapy sessions, soothing spa treatments, oxygen-enhancing activities and a detox smoothie a day, all of which work in tandem to purify and oxygenate the body.

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Cortisol Conscious Workout

Emerging Wellness Trends

Long workouts can exhaust your body and trigger a wave of cortisol, the stress hormone. Under extreme pressure, cortisol can temporarily interrupt bodily functions and result in a slow metabolic rate. An overrun of cortisol can result in health issues such as obesity, insomnia, heart disease and digestive problems. A mindset shift has become common to strike a balance between working the body in resonance with the brain. Many fitness enthusiasts are beginning to take a measured approach, turning to sweat sessions that are hormone-conscious and suitable for their mental and physical well-being. Shorter training sessions have become the norm, with 30-minute classes that combine short, heart-rate pumping and strength-training exercises. Experience it at P.volve in New York that offers a workout, which involves everyday activities such as walking, climbing, reaching and lifting to strengthen, tone and shape your body in a natural manner that is sustainable and nurturing.

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Brain Hacking Smart Jewellery

Emerging Wellness Trends

Wearable trackers like watches and rings that track your steps, workouts, sleep, messages and even your menstrual cycle, count as smart jewellery. They monitor the body’s stress responses, alert you when stress levels are rising and use markers such as sleep quality, recovery levels, counterbalance between sleep and rest and resting heart rate to evaluate your health. Several companies are developing chic, fashionable and beautiful pieces of jewellery that suit varying tastes. One such is Forerunner 235 by Garmin, a smart watch that can track distance, pace, time and heart rate, with features like live tracking, audio prompts, smart notifications and social media sharing. Also check out Oura Ring by OURA, which brings technology and style together. The unisex ring uses 51 tracking measurements, including body temperature and breathing rate, to measure the activity and sleep, as well as your readiness index.

No. 5

Well Fashion

Emerging Wellness Trends

With the detrimental impact of fast fashion and uncontrolled buying behaviour, wellness fashion has come to the rescue. It has innovated a couture culture that features sustainable, self-aware textiles produced from recycled plastic bottles, algae, mushrooms and food waste. It also includes vegan, animal-friendly and cruelty-free fashion that discourages the use of fur and leather products. Wellness fashion is all about re-engineering styles to embrace conscious designs, responsible sourcing and ethical value chains. Check out Delhi-based designer Amit Aggarwal, whose couture pieces promote sustainability by using recycled plastics, industrial material and innovative weaves.

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CBD Treatment

CBD or cannabidiol is making its way to the top list of the most relaxing and effective wellness mantras. One of the many cannabinoids found in marijuana, the substance is said to be chock full of relaxing properties. According to research, it helps alleviate anxiety for those with schizophrenia or psychosis and even opiate addicts. Owing to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD also helps treat acne when taken orally or applied topically. It is available in the form of gummies and soft gels that ease anxiety, in bathing soaps, creams, oils, beer and even croissants. At Sea Wellness Spa at Hotel Casa del Mar in California, sign up for the popular Deep Indulgence Massage, a 60–90-minute spa treatment. Therapists make use of CBD oil and CBD lavender sea salt to exfoliate the body. This is followed by a hot CBD oil scalp massage, CBD lavender body mask and a body massage with CBD oil.

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Emerging Wellness Trends

A naturally produced protein, collagen literally holds your body together by strengthening the bones, muscles and skin. It’s deservingly in the limelight because it helps improve skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and cures joint pain. However, this plentiful protein starts wearing off as we hit our 20s, and so millennials are resorting to the popular trend of ingesting collagen to continue availing its benefits. Tasteless collagen powder can be mixed in smoothies, soups, protein bars and smoothie bowls. Collagen-boosting ingredients are also infused in facial creams, masks and clothing items. Worth trying is the Body & Collagen Facial Treatment at Enoshima Island Spa in Kanagawa, Japan. The revitalising treatment uses a collagen toner, serum and facial mask to moisturise your skin and improve skin elasticity.

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Facial Cupping

Emerging Wellness Trends

This healing practice that originated in ancient Egypt has become a favourite with health and wellness enthusiasts for its multiple healing and rejuvenating properties. It relaxes your skin and facial muscles with the help of suction cups. The suction effect pulls blood into the area of skin below the cup, which infuses the surrounding tissue with fresh blood and helps in new blood vessel formation. It increases blood circulation, relieves muscle tension, strengthens connective tissues and helps in cell repair. The process of suction also helps the skin by regulating oil production, minimising puffiness and considerably eliminating scars and wrinkles. Opt for the ILDIPEKAR Magnetic-Cupping Facial at ILDIPEKAR Wellness Studio in New York. Get an overall sense of well-being with a healing facial that uses a magnetic-cupping technique to increase blood circulation and accumulates nutrients on the surface of the face.

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Derived from herbs and plants, adaptogens have become the star of wellness mantras with their pharmacological effects, anti-anxiety properties and the ability to modulate stress levels. They are effective plant-based substances that can be consumed as supplements as well as topically applied on the body. Many people mix adaptogens in their smoothies or their morning coffees to balance their hormonal levels and combat excessive tiredness. A popular Ayurvedic herb, ashwagandha is renowned for its ability to bring down the stress hormone cortisol and increase adrenal function. It also helps reduce anxiety and in inhibiting tumor growth. At Café Gratitude in Venice, try the energy-infused Restored Adrenal Latté made with ashwagandha and gynostemma tea and the Immortal Ayurvedic Latte prepared with reishi, shilajit and mucuna pruriens that are excellent substitutes for coffee.

No. 10

Electric Muscle Stimulation

Emerging Wellness Trends

A rapidly growing fitness trend, Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) helps in muscle strengthening, body shaping, cellulite reduction and remarkable weight loss. It is preferred by fitness enthusiasts worldwide for intense muscle activation. The workout enhances the intra-and inter-muscular contraction and a 20-minute session, without the use of heavy weights, is equivalent to a two-hour workout. It also helps improve muscle activation rates and increases muscle potential to a great extent. Include EMS training in your fitness routine as it has anti-cellulite properties, strengthens abdominal muscles, treats back problems and achy joints and improves your overall stability. Try it at FitTec20 EMS in Johannesburg. The studio provides wireless intelligence and a personal trainer to guide you through every step of your training to fully sustain a workout. It offers customised EMS according to varying muscle groups and helps you reap the benefits of a regular gym routine more effectively.

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