#SomeGoodNews: Earth’s Seismic Vibrations Drops After Improvement In Air Quality 

As Coronavirus has put us inside our homes under lockdown, nature is working full throttle to heal itself. Improved air quality is one of the first visible signs. Recently, the scientists recorded a drop in the Earth’s seismic vibrations. By Kumar Shree

1. What Is It?

As per a recent report published in Nature.com, the digital wing of leading international weekly journal of science first published in 1869, the scientists have recorded a significant drop in the Earth’s seismic waves.

2. What Does This Mean?

It means that since the constant cacophony of human activities like transportation, reckless construction, and other works of similar nature have come to a halt, even the hum of vibrations in the earth’s crust has dropped.

3. What Follows?

This will allow the detectors to identify even the earthquakes of smaller magnitude, which could not be identified earlier as the vibrations got suppressed in the pool of noise from other human activities. This will also help in better monitoring the volcanic activities and other seismic events.

4. This Is Not The First Time

Thomas Lecocq, a seismologist from the Royal Observatory of Belgium in Brussels says, “A noise reduction of this magnitude is usually only experienced briefly around Christmas.” It is the Royal Observatory of Belgium that has observed this drop.

5. Current Status Around The Globe

The entire world is under lockdown with travel restrictions everywhere in the place. Countries like Italy and France have crossed a fortnight under lockdown, while the US and Germany have advised their citizens to practice social distancing. India is also in the middle of a 21-day lockdown. While, China, where the Coronavirus emerged from has successfully contained it and is all set to kick-off its regular operations, other countries around the world are struggling to contain the pandemic. Italy is one of the worst-hit countries.

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