Panaromic views of rolling green hills that seem to be floating against a blue backdrop, a great sea of stillness and crisp, cool air gushing through is what comes to one’s mind when you think of Nagaland’s majestic Dzukou valley. Now, imagine plastic bottles, food wrappers and other waste materials lying all over the valley! By Amitha Ameen

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Some where in paradise…. 😁

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Until recently, this was the harsh reality under which this striking location was beginning to lose its allure. The place had recently seen a spike in tourists from all corners of the world coming in to witness the natural wonder. Reckless disposal of waste by incoming tourists left an alarming amount of plastic debris all throughout the valley.

Thanks to the timely intervention by local authorities, the Northeastern Valley of Flowers as it is popularly called was made a ‘plastic-free zone’ on World Environment Day. With the help of volunteers and locals, the valley was cleared and reinstated to its original condition.

Apart from its idyllic surroundings, crystal-clear water streams and kaleidoscopic array of flowers that seem infinite, the valley is also home to the rare Dzukou lilly. With the plastic ban, travellers can now appreciate the stunning valley without posing a threat to its surroundings.

Now, there’s another reason for you to pack your bags and head to this dreamlike destination.

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