We can all take a few pointers from Dublin’s Trinity College towards being more sustainable. The schools’ green spaces including its iconic front gate area will soon have wildflower meadows blooming instead of its usual manicured lawns. By Amitha Ameen

Don’t we all love it when our favourite educational institutions lead by example? The latest and one of the most prestigious schools to jump on the earth-friendly wagon is Dublin’s Trinity College. Ireland’s most prestigious college has opted for a more nature-friendly move — they are planting wildflower meadows in the place of its manicured lawns.

The decision to plant the wildflower meadows came after thousands of students, staff and members of the public voted for the more green initiative. The change is an effort by the college to be more sustainable and promote biodiversity, especially at a time during Ireland’s biodiversity crisis and as a response and commitment to the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.


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The newly planted meadows will have native Irish flowers among others that will bloom annually and perennially, and will also help seamless pollination for populations of insects like bees and butterflies. The meadow will also help conserve resources, as it will require less water and upkeep than the usual manicured lawns.

Trinity College is well known for its exquisite architecture and landscaping and attracts hordes of visitors each year. The new wildflower meadows will help further increase the variety of plant and insect species in the region and will serve as a haven for people who want to enjoy nature in between classes.

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