Love monsoons? Guess what! Dubai is building a ‘raining street’ that will provide year-round rainfall. Here is what we know. By Amitha Ameen


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The Emirate of Dubai is well-known for its sun, sand, and crystal-blue beaches. The city has everything that you can and cannot think of. But one thing that’s clearly missing is a regular splatter of rains.

Developed by Kleindienst Group, the 1-kilometre long ‘Raining Street’, will be made to maintain the temperatures at a cool 27°C, a great feat considering that temperatures usually soar above 40°C in the summers in UAE.


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The group in an interview with The National mentioned that visitors will be expected to come with an umbrella or a coat. Further, they added that the rain intensity can be adjusted with “downpour, a breeze, or moderate rainfall depending on the weather. Heavy rainfall situations can be expected during harsh summer seasons.

“With the temperature ranging between 40- to 50-degrees Celsius during summer, people are not going to walk outside. Therefore, we need a technology to create an outdoor climate-controlled area,” said Josef Kleindienst, chairman of Kleindienst Group.


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Wet breeze systems have already been in use in many places around the world where water droplets with the help of a fan are used to make outdoor experiences comfortable for visitors.

Dubai is all set to reopen to visitors from July 7 onwards and has special safety guidelines in place for international visitors planning to enter the country.

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