Since international travel is gradually making a comeback, airports around the world are implementing safety measures to prevent new cases of Coronavirus entering their borders via international travellers. Dubai has deployed specially-trained dogs at airports to detect COVID-19 patients. By Kumar Shree

Ever since the Coronavirus scare made headlines around the world, whether dogs can sniff the virus or not has been a matter of debate. It has later been confirmed that they can indeed smell the virus and recognise the carrier. On that note, Dubai airport has deployed specially-trained dogs to detect COVID-19 patients.


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While the UAE has already put in place guidelines where all international travellers must present a COVID-19 negative certificate before entering the country, deploying these dogs adds an extra layer of security to the system. These sniffers at Dubai International and Dubai World Central airports will help the officials in a more stringent screening procedure by marking out potential Coronavirus carriers with 92 per cent accuracy.

What’s even better is that this process of testing is non-evasive, and even the safety of these hounds are ensured. The process is also much swifter than other methods as the result is almost immediate, after which a proper nasal swab test can take place if needed.


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Officials from Dubai Health Authority collect sweat sample from the passengers, which is then put in a pot for safe examination by these dogs. This way, even the dogs’ safety is intact throughout the process. If a dog confirms a sample to be COVID-19 positive, the person must undergo a nasal swab test for confirmation.

Researchers around the globe have carried multiple experiments in the past few months, and dogs have proved to be trustworthy testing agents for the Coronavirus. Experiments in Germany have also verified these claims.

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