Dubai Launches Air Taxis And We Cannot Wait For Sky Pods To Come To India

With Dubai’s transport authority announcing the next-gen commute system that will trump every other in the world, the city will soon be graced by sky pods marking the beginning of a highly futuristic way to travel. By Shubhanjana Das

The pods have been designed keeping in mind the contemporary needs and environmental concerns, combining infrastructure and sustainability in a brilliant fashion. These will take 100 times less space than conventional modes of transport available in the emirate.

The Pods Come In Two Variants: 

The Roads and Transport Authority’s Metro Depot, Al Rashidiya briefed Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and chair of Dubai Executive Council on the Dubai sky pod project. Dubai will have the Unibike as its first sky pod model. The vehicle is lightweight and is fitted with steel wheels, which will enable it to move on suspended rails. Each unit can carry up to 20,000 people per hour, moving at a speed of 150 km/hr. Those are not the only numbers we have on this newfangled mode of transport that Dubai is ready to welcome. The power efficiency of the pods is five times less than other vehicles that run on electricity, rendering it in tune with the current needs.  

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The second model is the Unicar that looks like it jumped straight out of a sci-fi movie. This unit can accommodate up to six passengers at a time for a distance of 200 km. Proving to be even more efficient than the Unibikes, these can transport up to 50,000 passengers in an hour. Dubai, you take your smart city transportation goals seriously, don’t you? 

These Sky Pods Will Revolutionise How We Look at Efficient Transport: 

Along with Unibikes and Unicars, the RTA has also been directing efforts at launching autonomous air taxis. Dubai‘s Crown Prince is said to have attended a presentation concerning the same. We are burning with envy here, to be honest. And why shouldn’t we? Dubai is making progress in leaps and bound to make its transport system the best and the most efficient in the world. 

These sky pods will eliminate a number of existing issues like carbon emission from cars and endless unproductive hours spent in the traffic. RTA is also expecting increased revenue with the introduction of the sky pods and air taxis. The Dubai Future Foundation’s Autonomous Transportation Strategy has estimated a 44 per cent cut in the transportation costs and welcomes an approximate hike of $6 Billion in revenue due to reduced transportation costs. RTA’s Enterprise Command and Control Centre (EC3) is held responsible for gathering data on traffic congestion (among other things), which will help in the affectation of multi-modal transport solutions.  

Live The Sci-fi Life In Dubai: 

Tourists flock the emirate throughout the year. With the introduction of the sky pods, latest metros, and swanky air taxies, the tourism industry will thrive as it has never before as more and more people from around the world come in to experience these babies straight out of movies. You can’t miss out on looking at Dubai from an eagle’s eye view sitting in drone taxis! 

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