Are you planning a road trip through Canada? Here are the tips and information that you need to know before you hit the road.


▶ Get an International Driving Permit (IDP) before you leave. An IDP will give you a translation of your license into French and English. Do remember that International Driver’s Permit is valid only if presented with the original local license.

▶ Minimum age for renting a car in most provinces is between 21 and 24 years, and you should have held your original local license for a minimum of one year. But drivers under 25 may incur a young driver surcharge.

▶ When you rent a car from one of the many car rental agencies, make sure that the car insurance is included in your car rental agreement. Insurance and liability coverage rates vary not just by company, but also by region. Also, some companies have added fees in the event of an accident.

▶ Cars are frequently towed when left in prohibited areas. Signs marked with a green ‘P’ indicate municipal parking and are a safe bet.

▶ Children between 10 and 18 kilograms must be secured in a forward-facing child seat and seat belts are mandatory for all age groups.



[box] Speeding fines run extremely high. Canadian speed limits:

City: 37-44mph/60-70kph

Residential Areas: 25-30mph/40-50kph

Two-lane Highways: 50mph/80kph

Multi-lane Highways: 75mph/120kph.[/box]