5 Drinks You Should Never Order At A Bar!

There are rules if you are not planning to fritter away money on bad booze and rather use your bucks on cutting calories and adding taste. A perfect night out or a kind day-drinking spree requires you to know the five drinks that shouldn’t be picked while ordering at a bar. By Ishani Singh


Most bars offer cheap red wine and it’s the ideal choice for folks on a budget. But wait, we should warn you that saving money might also lead to a terrible hangover, partnered by a headache. Sulphite is added to wine in order to keep it fresh, but it murders efficiency and bothers your body. Pay a little more for a good wine and take home a sober conscience.

Draft Beer

The Draft lines require cleaning every 2-6 weeks by a professional. Along with that, tap nozzles need to be soaked in a sanitising solution overnight otherwise they can become home for bacteria. If the scouring is not done routinely, it can make your beer taste funky and odourless. To avoid this situation, order only bottled beer, which is cleaner and lives up to its reputation.

Milk-Based Cocktails

Milk-based cocktails like White Russian are made using dairy ingredients like cream or milk. Since the shelf-life of these items is very less, bars are not always particular about using them afresh or restocking the produce on a regular basis. Due to infrequent usage, the cream might be expired and make your drink taste sour. Adding to that, the coming together of booze and caffeine accounts for an unwelcoming hangover.

Frozen Drinks

Bartenders forbid frozen drinks for hygiene issues. Why? The machines are not cleaned as frequently as you’d want for a nice drink. Owing to the repeated mixing of spirits and alcohol in the same equipment, the taste of your preferred cocktail wears off and your spiked punch might end up tasting like a bourbon slushy on arrival.


This cocktail is a big no-no if you’re trying to stay fit and ditching your favourite food and drinks for the bland side of the kitchen. A friend of Pina Colada, Daiquiri is a sugar-filled mix of rum, citrus juice, sugar and sweeteners. A 30 ml cup of your Daiquiri order comes with a massive 1,000 calories, covering half of the recommended daily calorie intake for an average individual. You can replace it for a more health-friendly, lesser loaded Margarita.

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