We all know that travelling post-Corona is going to be a whole different ball game altogether. While the tourism industry is introducing many innovations to fit into the ‘new normal,’ air travel too will see changes in the way we fly. One of those might be double-decker seating in aeroplanes. By Amitha Ameen


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Companies across the world are coming up with various interesting initiatives to adjust to the post-Corona world. With that being said, we never thought that we would be looking at a future (so early on) with double-decker seating in aeroplanes.

Airlines of different countries have already come up with varied solutions like leaving the middle seat empty, putting up dividers between seats, and much more. While these are all temporary solutions, for long-term benefit, one company has come up with the most ingenious way to tackling social distancing issues in flights.


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Zephyr Seat’ created by designer Jeffrey O’Neil is presenting a unique idea wherein passengers can enjoy a double-decker seating arrangement in flights, that will allow economy passengers to lie down flat. Following a bunk-bed model, this set-up would be the ideal solution during the pandemic, especially when passengers are really wary about travelling.

“We believe that new types of travellers will require privacy or will want to pay extra for that as much as they would pay for the ability to sleep,” O’Neill shared with CNN.

The upper seats will come with a ladder allowing guests to climb in with ease and a two-four-two-seat setup will be followed so that airlines are able to retain their original passenger capacity without having to compromise on comfort. The seats will be big enough to allow a parent and a small child to lie down together, meaning there will be plenty of room for one to be comfortable in.

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