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Ever since the first lockdown was set in motion in India, speculations have been doing the rounds about when will domestic flights resume operations! After 56 days now, we finally have the answer. Scroll down. By Kumar Shree

Clearing the air about resuming domestic air travel, Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Puri tweeted saying that the domestic passenger flights are expected to resume operations from May 25, Monday. He said that the same will happen in a calibrated manner and that the Ministry of Civil Aviation will share a list of standard operating procedures with all the airports and airline operators in India.


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What About Your City?

While earlier discussions suggested plans of operating flights strictly between airports in the green zones, the flight operators suggested against it, as doing so will not be viable. It is not hidden that most of the major cities in India like Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai still sit under the red zone. The power to allow or decline flight operations from these cities rests with the respective state governments.

Tweeting about the same, Hardeep Puri said, “In the spirit of cooperative federalism, the government of states where these flights will take off and land should be ready to allow civil aviation operations.”


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Reaction From The State Governments

Not all state governments are enthusiastic about operating flights from their grounds. A notable example is the West Bengal state government that has cited safety concerns about operating flights during such a time. Some other state governments are apprehensive about allowing passengers from highly affected areas.

New Times, New Flying

Flying will not be the same for a long time. Expect to follow a new set of rules and regulations when taking a flight. Use of face mask, ensuring minimal or no contact, undergoing health checkups, longer queues and waiting time are some of these.

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