Find Out Why This Hidden Gem in Andhra Pradesh Is On Every Intrepid Traveller’s Bucket List

A quaint little town of Andhra Pradesh is fast gaining popularity among curious travellers. Find out what’s on offer in Dindi. By Shibani Bawa


Dindi, also known as Coconut County, is cradled in the Konaseema delta in Andhra Pradesh’s East Godavari district. The extremely fertile soil of the region supports the cultivation of both, paddy and coconut. Picture a vast, open land covered with young, lime-coloured paddy fringed with thick palm leaves, with soft, white clouds floating past the mighty Eastern Ghats in the background—that’s Dindi in a nutshell for you. Although this quaint little town has started to get its share of the limelight, it is still a relatively unknown destination among mainstream tourists. This, in fact, has helped it retain a quiet, reserved charm. But what really makes Dindi stand out is its pristine backwaters.


Since the backwaters of Konaseema don’t meander through dense mangroves, you will see beautiful coconut gardens lining the banks of the Godavari. A cruise here is ideal for planning a picnic on one of the quiet islands where the only signs of construction are a couple of thatched huts, built to provide recess from the scorching heat of the sun. And if the time is right, your guide will help you spot a variety of birds, and a few freshwater fish swimming alongside your boat.


Whether it’s the brisk nature walk through coconut plantations before tea time, or the evening chorus of birdsongs, or falling asleep to the gentle sounds of a river rushing by, the natural pace of life at Dindi engulfs you in an oasis of tranquillity. You can also explore the area on a bicycle, riding on scenic roads. If you plan to stay for long, there are plenty of options to consider—from houseboats to private and state-run resorts, such as Sterling Dindi and Coconut Country Resort.

Following are some of the activities to explore in and around Dindi.



While you’re in Dindi, take a few hours out to explore the Sagara Sangamam, or ‘sea confluence’, where the River Godavari, after cutting across most of the Deccan Plateau, gently flows into the Bay of Bengal. This place is particularly famous for spotting dolphins; the different temperatures of the two water bodies seem to make the gorgeous sea creatures playful.




If you have ever tasted the food at Delhi’s Andhra Bhawan canteen, you know that the state itself has a rich culinary repertoire. You can expect spicy and tangy vegetable preparations, delicious meats, an array of seafood, decadent biryanis, and delectable pickles and condiments when you dine at Dindi–By The Godavari. If you are a gourmet traveller, venture beyond Dindi and try the single-boned fish Korameenu, available in other parts of East Godavari, or taste bamboo chicken in Araku Valley.

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