One-half of the popular travel duo The Offbeat Couple, Dimpi Sanghvi is all about saying ‘yes’ to adventures. With a penchant for travelling in vogue, this blogger has won many hearts with her chic style and signature spunk. As the lockdown eases, her travel-loving side couldn’t resist scooping up another adventure for her kitty. She tells us all about this exciting escapade, and more! By Bayar Jain; Location Courtesy: Fairmont Jaipur

1. Where did you go for your first rebound trip, and what was it like?

Dimpi Sanghvi
Dimpi Sanghvi at Jaipur’s Hawa Mahal.

I went to Jaipur for my first trip post lockdown. It brought back all the excitement of travelling and exploring new places and cultures.

2. Why did you choose this particular destination?

I wanted to travel to a place within India that is rich in culture, and what’s better than Jaipur to capture this local essence!

3. What mode of transport did you opt for to reach your destination, and how
different was it compared to pre-COVID-19 times?

Dimpi Sanghvi
Twirling at the colourful Patrika Gate in Jaipur.

I chose to fly with IndiGo airlines to reach my destination. It was a completely different
experience compared to travelling in the pre-COVID-19 days because of all the new protocols in place. Although extensive safety precautions need to be followed now, things have gotten a lot more organised.

4. How did your friends and family react when you told them you’re going on a vacation right now?

Initially, my family wasn’t happy with my decision as they were worried about my well being. However, when I explained to them how important it is for us to overcome our fears and accept the new normal, they were on board with my decision. They just wanted me to follow all the safety protocols.

5. Where were you when the lockdown was announced?

Dimpi Sanghvi
Posing against Amber Palace.

I was at my home in Mumbai at the time.

6. How did you feed your love for wanderlust during the lockdown?

Looking back at pictures and travel vlogs from my past trips helped. I also watched shows based in different parts of the world to deal with my love for travel.

7. Being a travel content creator, how did you ensure to stay relevant when
travel remained restricted?

During the lockdown, I tried to focus on creating content which is relevant to the
current scenario. For instance, how you can keep yourself occupied by shifting importance
to your health and fitness; or indulging in other household activities such as cooking or
spending quality time your family.

8. As a fashion blogger, any tips on how one can remain in style on their rebound trips?

Dimpi Sanghvi
Dimpi Sanghvi is one-half of the blogging due, The Offbeat Couple

Before travelling to any location, research on the vibe and culture of the place. Be clear of what your colour theme will be and what kind of locations you’ll be going to. Based on that, decide the style and colour of your outfits. One big fashion tip during post-COVID-19 travels is to match your masks with your outfits.

9. Your go-to skincare routine?

My skincare routine is quite simple: moisturise; use a sunscreen and night cream; and
hydrate a lot!

10. What are your predictions for post-COVID-19 travels?

Dimpi Sanghvi
Dimpi Sanghvi advises travellers to research on the vibe and culture of the place before travelling.

I think people will start travelling soon and start accepting the new normal. Everyone will surely try to maintain social distancing during their trips, and eat at places that seem hygienic. Overall, I think people will focus more on hygiene.

11. Any tips on how one can travel more safely?

Maintain your distance, sanitise often, and follow strict hygiene standards.

12. Where would you like to travel to next?

Probably some beach destination.

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