Our Cover Girl Diipa Khosla Tells Us Why Road Trips Are Her Absolute Favourite!

Social media influencer and our cover girl Diipa Khosla is spending this quiet, travel-free time in her second home, Amsterdam. She recounts her most memorable road trips and chalks out her future travel plans. Text by Team T+L; Photographs by Alina Krasieva

Diipa Khosla

In what ways has your life changed in Amsterdam since the pandemic broke out?

My life has changed quite a bit from the travel and business perspectives. For the last three years, I was constantly on the go, travelling between countries. Since that is no longer possible, my business has shifted. We are able to do everything online, but now, I am spending more time in one place.

As a social media influencer, how have you adapted your content to this situation?

Social media is always changing, so I am constantly adapting to what my audience wants to see from me. I always strive to give them value and to not only entertain but [also] to empower them. Also, TikTok is my latest obsession!

Has this period led to any change in dynamics between you and your husband Oleg?

We feel more grounded and at peace. It’s great to take a step back together and realise what our goals in life are and what we want to do with our future. In general, it’s been so great for us to spend more time together and with our dogs, and to put everything into perspective.

Diipa Khosla

What is your source of inspiration amid global travel bans?

[I’m] Finding inspiration in my own city.

Your style/fashion mantra for these days?

Comfy! I live in athleisure.

Any skills you’ve picked up lately at home?


Your top three recipes to make at home?

Jackfruit Biryani, pancakes, and a simple dal and cauliflower.

Once the borders open up, what is the first destination you’d want to visit?

[I’d go] Back home to India.

Diipa Khosla

We expect road trips to be the buzzword after the pandemic. Where would you like to drive to for a holiday?

Road trips will be the new way to go, and I love that! My husband and I had already planned on taking more road trips than flights in 2020. I think our next road trip will be to the South of France, to visit [my husband] Oleg’s family.

Five things you’d pack for your next road trip?

Sunscreen. Laptop. My refillable water bottle. Hat. Sneakers.

What was your first road trip like? And which was the most memorable one?

My first road trip was with my family from Delhi to Ooty. We had so much fun singing songs and telling stories. My most memorable one was two years ago, driving to Italy with my husband and two friends. We stopped along the way and slept in different cities—it was spontaneous and full of fun.

If you could choose any car in the world for a trip, which one would it be?

A convertible red Porsche, because nothing says holiday like a convertible!

If you were to choose any place but Amsterdam and London to stay in during this time, which would it be?


Tell us about Post For Change and what you hope to achieve with it.

Post For Change believes in the power of social media for social good. Since our start about a year ago, we have worked with many NGOs, such as UNICEF, UN Women, and HeForShe. Our goal for 2020 is to give 2,50,000 women menstrual hygiene [products] and plant one million trees.

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