This Is The Most Adventurous Thing Fashion Influencer Diipa Khosla Has Done & Why You Should Too!

Diipa Khosla needs no introduction. This Indian-born fashion influencer has been creating headlines all over the world with her travel, fashion, lifestyle and beauty narratives. Known for being a social media magnet with over 1 million followers, she will teach you how to travel fashionably, and make heads turn wherever you go! Are you ready to dive in? We are!  By Priyanka Chakrabarti

1. What’s your first travel memory?

Travelling with my sister to Europe when I was 13. I thought the plane would get high-jacked!

2. From studying law to nailing it in the fashion blogging circuit, you’ve come a long way. Tell us about your professional journey so far.

After completing my Bachelors I got the opportunity to do an internship with one of the first influencer agencies in Europe before pursuing my master’s degree. I realised there weren’t any other influencers that looked like me. I’ve always loved fashion and beauty and thought why not give it a try myself? In the beginning, I had no idea what I was doing and Google was literally my best friend! I learned networking, had my sister help me create content and slowly it turned into a full-time career for me.

3. What does the future look like?

I would be a mother and a businesswoman balancing work and personal life like a pro. This is an amazing career but I also want to keep evolving and achieve something larger than life.

4. Five things you never travel without?

Hot water bottle, carry-on makeup bag, a book to read in the plane, face mask for long flights and comfortable shoes.

5. Favourite travel companion?

My husband, Oleg!

6. The most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

Oleg and I travelled to Patagonia to hike and it was such an incredible experience.

7. Any hidden gems of Amsterdam you’d recommend?

I think the city centre can get pretty crowded especially during spring and summer time. I think exploring neighbourhoods, a bit more out of the centre is a fun way to see more of the local life and less crowded areas. Also, not a hidden gem but the Vondelpark is so nice to hang out in or go for a run!

8. Your bucket-list destinations?

We would love to go to China! We’ve always been fascinated by it and would love to explore the country. Also, many of our friends have been to Jamaica; so, we would love to visit there one day. South Korea is also on my travel wish-list.

9. What’s your favourite hotel?

The Savoy in London has been my go to! They are not only iconic, but they have the most incredible staff. I was shocked when I visited the first time — the doorman just knew my name when they opened the door to my car while they could have had no idea what time I was coming and in what car I would arrive! Also, they always came up with the most amazing and personalised surprises (and cakes) in the hotel room. I’ve been lucky enough to stay at incredible hotels around the world, but the Savoy is truly special.

10. Fashion capitals you keep returning to?

New York and Paris. London’s Bond Street is also great for shopping.

11. Fashion icons you look up to for style inspiration?

Audrey Hepburn.

12. Favourite travel anecdote?

When we travelled to South Africa earlier this year, we visited the Kapama Game Reserve. We slept on a bed under the stars in the middle of the game reserve and it was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had.

13. Your fashion and beauty essentials for summer travel?

The 90’s inspired outfits, sunscreen and a good concealer.

14. One thing you miss about India when on foreign shores?

The food!

15. What draws you to a destination?

Food and culture.

16. How difficult is it to make it as an influencer today?

The market is overcrowded; so you have to be persistent and unique.

17. Any destinations that inspire your creativity?

South Africa and Cape Town.

18. You seem to be constantly on the move. What feels like home to you?

Where my family and friends are — Amsterdam.

19. What kind of traveller are you?


20. While travelling in summers, what are the top five ensembles you would carry?

Bikinis, denim shorts, white crop tops, sunglasses and a good selection of hats.

21. Where are you heading next to?


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