Doing full justice to its name, Dhansoo Cafe in New Delhi’s RK Puram area, is here with some Dhansoo food combinations from across the country, all in one menu. By Tanvi Jain

Dhansoo Cafe

I recently visited this newly-opened brunch and bar space called Dhansoo Café in New Delhi’s Sangam Courtyard, RK Puram. Upon entering the café my first impression was that this café brings forth both — the calm one needs to chill on a Sunday afternoon along with a party vibe for some crazy Saturday sun-downer. Greeted by Chef Ashish, the hospitality was everything one could expect from a high-end restaurant like this.  

Dhansoo Cafe

Now as the food riot began, I was stunned at the variety of options the restaurant has for everyone. Being a vegetarian, I started with some Tulsi and Mix Berry Iced Tea, which I would say was a refreshing explosion of flavours in my mouth. Moving on to some starters, I was suggested to try Mushroom Chimichurri soaked in savoury marinade, and it turned out to be the best decision ever. The first dish was enough to give me an idea that I was in for a tasty delight. 

Then came Idli with re-fried beans and smoked tomato chutney. After tasting that I realised how delicious an idli can be even without the quintessential sambar!

Dhansoo Cafe

The third dish which was a new concept for me was Duck Samosa, and no it’s not non-veg, yes even I was shocked to hear the name. The unique samosa was served with chilli gur chutney and beetroot raita. A combination I have never heard of. Another dish that caught my attention was the Japani Samosa served with chole and fried green chili, yes it exists. 

I totally got drooling at the site of these uncommon yet very tasty combinations, and prepped myself for the main course. 

Dhansoo Cafe

Have you ever heard of British Butter Paneer Masala? The name itself is hard to resonate with. But it seems only a place like Dhansoo Café can make it possible. Next on the plate was a Bhutanese delicacy called Ema Datshi served with Tigmo and Alkaline chili dip. 

The non-vegetarian section had an array of options too. From Kochi prawn curry and Alleppey fish curry, to Norwegian Salmon Pollichatu — it’s a complete seafood tour. New Zealand Lamb Shank, Pork Vindaloo, Duck Nihari … the list doesn’t end here. 

Dhansoo Cafe

When here, don’t forget to try some French Kronenbourg Wheat beer, and with options like Spanish Rio Dela Hoz Rose, Italian Dante Alighieri Chianti DOCG, Australian Lindemann’s Chardonnay, German Black Tower Riesling, and more, your Saturday night will be sorted. 

Apart from this, their in-house classics like Dhansoo Long Island Iced Tea, Darjeeling Fuel, Pondicherry Sling, and more are sure to leave you in high spirits.  

Need a sugar rush? Well, they have it all covered with their flavourful dessert thali, Delhi Belly, Churros, and etc. 

Dhansoo Cafe
Alleppey Fish Curry

With whatever I managed to try, I returned home with a belly full of cross-cultural flavours, exotic mix of drinks, and some foodgasmic dessert 

I suggest this place for an outing with your group of friends, an after-work party, and even a romantic evening. 

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