Slippery rocks, strong undercurrents and unfathomed depth — Goa’s Devil’s Canyon, or Devcharacho kond in Konkani, has an otherworldly vibe with just the right mix of pristine and spooky. If you are someone who finds it thrilling to uncover explanations behind myths and ghost stories, Devil’s Canyon is the place to be! By Ritika Dixit

Devil’s Canyon In Goa

A picturesque river gorge near Molem, Devcharacho kond is situated on a beautiful patch of a dense jungle. The river traces its way through great turbulence, and cuts the deep gorge into solid rock. With its share of age-old spine-tingling tales, the spooky Devil’s Canyon has more than just scientific and geographical explanations.

If you are weary of over-crowded beaches and the party areas of Northern Goa, and you hope to undertake a quest to find a hidden gem in Goa, which has the potential to kick your adrenaline rush in the middle of sprawling jungles, your search ends at the Devil’s Canyon. Perfect for a day-long trip, Devil’s Canyon can be reached by two different routes. First, through the Mollem National Park that is an arduous 10-km long route. The second route for the canyon is from the Kulem railway station, which is only three-kms long. While the latter might sound more time-saving and convenient, the former has its charm and thrill with chances of spotting a glorious black panther. This route stays open from September to December.

Ghostly tales about the canyon have been spread over the years through word of mouth. With many versions of the story doing rounds among the locals, the most popular one is of a villager asking the canyon’s resident devil for fish every day by telling him that he had to entertain guests in exchange. One day, after following the villager, the curious devil saw him munching on the fish himself. He then cursed the village saying that no one will be able to catch fish in the canyon henceforth. Even today, it is believed that fishermen feel jittery while catching fish in the unfathomed depths of the treacherous waters. Moreover, swimming in these troublesome waters is strictly prohibited.

While you are there, you can also visit the Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple, and the Dudhsagar waterfalls. According to local folklore, these falls are believed to consist of a mix of water and sweetened milk. Whether you choose to explore the caves here or trudge through the dense jungle, Devil’s Canyon is eerily charming and worth unravelling.

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