Head Over To These Dessert Spots In Sydney To Satiate That Sweet Tooth!

Don’t we all know that one person who would go an extra mile (or two) for desserts? Look for dessert in the menu over and before everything else? If you know one or identify yourself as one, you’ll understand it’s impossible to let go of those cravings. When in Sydney, you can be sure that your sweet cravings will be satisfied, and how! After all, if you are what you eat, then loving sweets only makes you the sweetest person to be around! By Shubhanjana Das

1. KOI Dessert Bar & Dining

Star chef Reynold Poernomo’s brainchild, KOI Dessert Bar is the place of sweet dreams, quite literally. The chef’s culinary genius reflects in the four course decorous and aesthetic affair of desserts, which nourish the soul. The absolute must-have’s would ideally be everything, but you shouldn’t be missing out on their Mango and yuzu curd and vanilla joconde, White peach with French earl grey and Green tea rose ganache with pistachio joconde, strawberry mousse and marshmallow at any cost.

2. Cremeria De Luca

You might want to seat yourself for what we are about to tell you about Cremeria De Luca. The three generations of gelato-making pro-genies have conjured the Gelato Burger, or the brioche con gelato. Just when you thought you’ve had good ice-cream sandwiches, the one at Cremeria De Luca ups the game with its gelato smashed between brioche buns.

3. The Dessert Kitchen

Okay, so one cake a day may keep sadness away, but we are not sure about the diabetes and sugar rush. The Dessert Kitchen came up with the solution to that—a collection of over 100 choices of guilt-free(ish) desserts which, while low on the fat and sugar content, don’t compromise on their lush deliciousness. When here at this Hong Kong-based international dessert chain, the bowl of Blueberry, Blueberry jelly, Blueberry seaweed balls, Blueberry shaved ice and Taro mocha ice-cream will make all your dessert dreams come true.

4. Speedos Cafe

While the good-old cakes, brownies and cupcakes never disappoint, new inventions are always welcome. This is what Speedos Cafe’s motto is. This morning coffee shop in North Bondi is Cronut heaven and boasts of variations like the Hocolate ganache cronuts, M&Ms cropops (cronuts on popsicle sticks), Reese’s peanut butter cronuts, gaytime waffles and OTT shakes, all of which sell out pretty darn early.

5. Duo Duo

Sure, we all scream for ice-cream, but some of us scream for deep-fried ice-cream because it’s one of the greatest ideas humankind has ever had! With variations of some of the best flavours of ice cream with a warm crust, Duo Duo reinvents deep-fried ice-cream like no one else. With toppings that range from salted caramel to dark chocolates, it’s just as hard to decide on just one flavour of fried ice-cream as it is to track this roving food truck.

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