If design-led houses mesmerise you, here are 6 design ateliers that will make you want to change your profession immediately. By Payal Das



  • Forges-les-Brains, France

design ateliers
Credits: David Foessel

A small town of 5,000 inhabitants in France, Forges-les-Brains is located in a charming, hilly, tree-filled comb. MU Architecture and Ateliers Les Particules built this structure in 2013 for the young soccer team from Forge-les-Brains. The construction has a plant-covered roof for temporization of rainwater; the rooms are blessed with lots of natural light; and the location of the building preserves as much of the existing free space as possible. It is made out of both natural (earth, wood, fascines) and industrial materials (concrete, steel grating).



  • Shiga Prefecture, Japan

design ateliers
Credits: archdaily.com

This beautiful atelier made by famous Japanese architectural company Tonoma, lies in a quiet and peaceful residential area in the Shiga Prefecture. There’s ample open space between the bedrooms, kitchen. and living room, and the design takes inspiration from the Japanese lifestyle trend of minimalist living. Expect clean lines and a futuristic approach.



  • Chengdu, China

design ateliers
Credits: Ng Siu Fung

The fine dining restaurant in Chengdu, China, called Yue Restaurant serves great Asian food and wine, but what draws the local crowd here is the design. Panorama, a leading design company in China has furnished the space with landscape paintings that mirror the nature of Asian fusion cuisine served here. There are canopies of steel, glass, and timber for dining enclosures and the semi-indoor area and the construction has been done in a way so that the ceiling and wall panels have slot openings to allow daylight while preventing heat for the whole area.



  • Palakkad, India

design ateliers
Credits: Praveen Mohandas

“It is often a quest for simplicity and serendipity, qualities which are rare to articulate, qualities which then are overlooked for brash, loud interpretations and complexities,” says the famous LIJO.RENY.Architects about this ‘Skewed House’ they built. Palakkad is known for its blistering heat throughout the year and the powerful winds blowing across the Western Ghats. In spite of nature’s limitations, the architects have managed to create this masterpiece with contemporary interiors, an entrance comprising a small courtyard with Frangipanis, and a simplistic glass door enclosed foyer.



  • Herbster, United States

design ateliers
Credits: Paul Crosby

This property is pretty secluded in itself on a West facing shore of Lake Superior. You would probably have to drive through a forest to find a storage building and woodshed structure forming a gateway which marks the entry to the atelier. The cabin has a long South facing deck supplemented with fireplace providing a warm sunny space for the cold days. You will also find a cantilevered screen porch above creating a shaded area which acts as a rain/snow cover for the main entrance.



  • Melbourne, Australia

design ateliers
Credits: Shannon McGrath

The Bower Architecture company says, “ An integral part of our philosophy is that the best design solutions come out of the most difficult spatial problems.” This building is known as the ‘Corner House’ and is made in such a way that the house has a relatively larger exterior compared to the medium sized interior and a relatively large front garden. The external curves and screens however, soften the patterned, sculpted façade which also floats above its concrete base. The interior boasts abundant natural light and cross-ventilation, in a comfortable and open low energy home all around the year!