Taking creativity and innovation to a whole new level, Denmark has unveiled a plan to redesign environmentally-sustainable public spaces. The new project Parkipelago of floating islands is a joint venture of Danish studio Fokstrot and Australia’s Marshall Blecher. By Manya Saini

Parks have always been spaces to enjoy greenery in cities while giving the urban space a natural outlook. Designers in Denmark have taken the idea a step further as they look to innovate the unused places in the city. Copenhagen Islands is a project that has launched the first of many planned floating parks along the city’s harbour.


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The architects created the project to bring “wildness and whimsy” to Denmark’s capital. The islands are constructed with sustainable Forest Stewardship Council approved timber with completely recycled materials. The islands are anchored to the harbour floor and give the flexibility of being moved to different areas.

The first island named CPH-Ø1, launched in 2018, has been a rousing success giving people an innovative public place to enjoy the great outdoors. The project plans on expanding to two more islands in the area set to launch by spring 2021. According to their website, the CPH-Ø2 and Ø3 will serve as centres for different activities like floating saunas, floating mussel farms, and even a floating sail-in-cafe.


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Significantly, all of these can be explored by tourists, fishermen, and locals for free of cost. The goal of the design is to create immediate wonder among people and a sense of adventure. During the winter months, the islands will be brought together to create a cluster easily accessible from the harbour for festivals and special events.

If you are planning an escape to Europe once the Coronavirus pandemic subsides then visiting these man-made islands in Copenhagen should defiantly feature on your bucket list. The experience will offer a sanctuary with trees and plants with vibrant marine life of seagulls and swans frolicking around you.

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