Delhi-Mumbai road trips are going to be the ‘it’ thing again. Find out everything about the new super expressway that will connect the two cities in just 12 hours. By Bindu Gopal Rao


Has the thought of an impromptu plan from Delhi to Mumbai not been materialised due to overbooked flights? Well, how about actually driving from Delhi to Mumbai, in a 12 hours flat, thanks to the proposed Delhi-Mumbai Super Expressway.


The development is a part of the ambitious Bharatmala Pariyojana Programme which aims to lay out 34,800 kilometres of expressways across the country. The Delhi-Mumbai Super Expressway is expected to be completed in four phases. Once completed, the 1400-km distance between the two metro cities will cut down travel time to 12 hours with a speed limit of 150 km/hours. The expressway will be access-controlled to help maintain a consistent high speed too.


The first phase connects Delhi to Jaipur and is expected to bring down travel time from 6 hours to just two hours. Work has already begun on the cement-concrete-highway that starts off from the outskirts of Gurugram and goes up till Jaipur Ring Road. Work has already begun on the Delhi-Jaipur stretch and is expected to be completed next year at a cost of INR 16,000 crores.


The fourth phase connects the 380 km Mumbai-Vadodara stretch which is being built at a cost of over INR 44,000 crore. In the next phase, an expressway from Jaipur to Kota in Rajasthan and Kota to Vadodara will ensure that the road will be faster than the Rajdhani Express that currently takes 16 hours. Incidentally this new expressway will reduce the distance between the two cities by about 40 km as well. So here you have it – a drive that will indeed be a breeze and also allow you to make pit stops at the many cities enroute.