Ordinarily, New Delhi lights up during October and November. The weather is ideal to explore the city’s culture, while festivities add to the charm. If, like us, you miss exploring this vibrancy, join us as we take you on a visual journey through the city — Delhi in pictures. By Bayar Jain

Few cities adapt to the month’s local weather as fluidly as New Delhi. While summers are all about slurping on ice lollies and chugging down banta soda while hiding from the sun’s wrath, winters bring with them an urge to munch on sweet gajaks and spicy aloo tikkis while cosying under layers of sweaters and woollens. However, it’s the ‘in-between’ phase that steals the limelight.

Then, the megacity lights up with a range of festivals and events, while the evenings linger with an infectiously lively hue. From trotting around from one Mughal landmark to eventually meandering towards the British-built Lutyens or getting lost in the by-lanes of Old Delhi, these pleasant months are ideal to immerse in the city’s true culture. Carts of juicy green guavas and ripe oranges line the streets, all while families gather their picnic baskets along the inviting lawns of India Gate. The younger folks head to the fairy-light lit cafes to catch up, while the elders pop peanuts and gaze at the city life going by. As the sun sets, parks of the city double as stages for cultural evenings and shows with a melange of Sufi, Jazz, and Indie music sweeping the landscapes.

It’s that time of the year where New Delhi lights up more than usual. While we, too, miss exploring this vibrancy first-hand, join us on a visual journey as we try to recreate that feeling of nostalgia for you.


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As the colder months kick in, the city centre dons hues like no other, making it one of the most preferred picnic spots in the national capital.


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The magic heightens at the Yamuna Ghat where countless feathered friends are guaranteed to greet you. Picture light mist surrounding you as your boat rocks in the gentle waters, while gulls encircle over.


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Although the sacred Gurudwara Bangla Sahib in the heart of New Delhi is peaceful all year round—a beautiful juxtaposition of the chaos beyond its doors—the pre-winter months seem to amplify the vibes. The sarovar (large water body) in the premises’ centre help spreads the cool, allowing every visitor to soak in the shrine’s serenity blissfully.


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In New Delhi, happiness comes at a small price. A plate of piping hot choley-bhatura overlooking the bustling streets of Chandni Chowk personifies this. An overcast sky paired with distant calls of rickshaw-pullers and shop owners vying for customer’s attention accentuates this experience.


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Festivities permeate through the colourful Dilli Haat at this time. Navaratri, Diwali, and Dussehra special stalls spring up, and handicrafts take a renewed traditional turn. Students from across colleges put up street plays, with calls of ‘aao aao naatak dekho (come, watch the play)’ ringing in the air.


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As the night befalls upon the city, the serene Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah lights up while qawwali echoes through the lanes.


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Towards the modern side of the city, a similar radiance permeates through the cafe-heavy  Champa Gali. Loaded milkshakes quirky cafes, and countless youngsters throng the pebbled street.


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Evidently, a new leaf turns over after October in New Delhi. Architecture aside, many festivals start to enthral audiences as well. Think, International Jazz Festival, Jashn-e-Rekhta, or even the more contemporary Comic-Con.


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Tying all these spots together is the Delhi Metro. With earphones plugged in, watching the landscapes change beyond the window emphasise the city’s accommodating nature; doubling as a reminder that while 2020 may have dampened our Dilli Darshan, the city awaits its guests—standing tall, as always.

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