With the available space in hospitals dwindling as the number of Coronavirus patients continue to rise in the country, New Delhi has reportedly shifted its gaze towards hotels to turn them into COVID-care centres. Here is all we know about this latest development in the country’s collective fight against the pandemic. By Bayar Jain


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As the number of Coronavirus patients continue to rise in the capital city, the Delhi Government has taken to alternate spaces to compensate for the scarcity of beds in hospitals, states a report by The Times of IndiaAccording to a report by The Print, 40 hotels and 80 banquet halls in the city have been identified to be converted into COVID-care centres, wherein medical care will be provided to the patients. The same report adds that hotels will have close to 4,000 beds, banquet halls will have 11,000 while nursing homes will have 5,000 beds. Ashrams, too, will reportedly double as COVID-care centres. These moves come following accusations on hospitals in Delhi refusing to take in patients due to scarcity of beds.

Notably, railway coaches with appropriate medical facilities were also provided earlier to combat the crises.

According to the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, a COVID-care centre is a makeshift space to house mild, very mild, or suspect cases of the Coronavirus. These could range from anything such as hostels, hotels, schools, stadiums, lodges, etc. – both, public and private.

As per official figures, Delhi has 85,161 total cases of which 56,235 have been cured or discharged as on June 30, 2020. Maharashtra (1,69,883) and Tamil Nadu (86,224) are the only two states in the country with more cases than Delhi.

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