Delhi Airport introduces Air Suvidha in collaboration with the Ministry of Civil Aviation, to make international arrivals easy and contactless. By Tanvi Jain

Delhi Airport in collaboration with the Ministry of Civil Aviation has introduced Air Suvidha to make international arrival process easier with a contactless solution. “To make the journey more convenient and comfortable, we have introduced Self-Reporting and Exemption Forms for all international arriving passengers for a contactless and hassle-free journey. Therefore, all international arriving passengers coming to India can apply online through Delhi Airport,” it mentioned on its website. 

“Delhi Airport has developed an online system for passengers to submit mandatory Self-Declaration form/Self-Reporting Form to declare their current health status. There is no such time capping for the Self Reporting Form. The mandatory self-reporting application will be forwarded to the Airport Health Organisation (APHO) under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. Passengers can then refer to their email inbox for the updated application document. Using the Self Reporting application’s request number, passengers can auto-fill the application for exemption or vice versa,” it added. 


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If you want exemption from mandatory institutional quarantine, you can avail the same by easily applying online — both individual as well as a group — three days before boarding the flightbut only in case of pregnancy, death in the family, severe illness, accompanied by children below 10 years of age, and if you arable to produce a COVID-19 negative certificate. 

Moreover, you will also be required to attach proof of the above-mentioned emergencies, such as doctor’s recommendation letter for pregnancy, passport copy for kids below 10 years of age, a medical certificate proving severe illness, death certificate of the kin which can only be of spouse, children, siblings, parents and grandparents, and RT-PCR negative report, or a copy of test results. 

All the documents will be reviewed by the state authorities at the first port of entry, and even after approval of an exemption from institutional quarantine, a passenger will have to go for 14 days of home quarantine that too only in the address mentioned in the form. 

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