Renowned celebrity chef David Chang is coming to Mumbai to shoot ‘Don’t Call It Curry’, an India-based episode for his Netflix docu-series ‘Ugly Delicious’. By Tanvi Jain

Award winning Korean-American Chef, author, TV personality, and the founder of Momofuku restaurant, David Chang will soon be visiting Mumbai, to shoot the India episode of his Netflix Show Ugly Delicious 

The episode known as Don’t Call It Curry will be featured in the second season of the docuseries. Chang will be accompanied by Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, and American actor Aziz Ansari, who will be his guides. 

Unlike other food shows, this one doesn’t just glorify food, but features how a certain dish is made. It even covers something as conventional as pizza, barbecue, chicken, shrimp, fish, etc.  

Season one, which had eight episodes, was all about making of a certain kind of food, its origin, and what it means to different people. However, season two, which will be of four episodes only, focuses on how food can be used as a vehicle to remove cultural barriers, tackle misconceptions, and uncover shared experiences. 

Moreover, other guest stars like American comedian Nick Kroll, New Yorker’s food correspondent Helen Rosner, American actor Danny McBride, writer Bill Simmons and Chris Ying, and artist Dave Choe, are also likely to join him in his journey. 

The season 2 trailer that dropped recently, gives a sneak-peek into the chef’s future food endeavours. Scheduled to stream on March 6, Chang, apart from visiting Mumbai, will also reportedly head to Tokyo, Sydney and Istanbul. 

The show made its first debut back in 2018, with a thrilling pilot, and finally after a wait of two years, is all set to make a comeback with a second season anticipated to be full of culinary adventures. So, with simmering stews, golden-brown sausages and massive steaks, get ready for another dose of deliciousness with David Chang. 

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