It isn’t uncommon for people to get fascinated by sites that are haunted. But in Netflix’s new trailer launch of Dark Tourist, does  journalist David Farrier go a little too far? By Rashima Nagpal


In a new web series, Netflix brings to light the concept of dark tourism, where New Zealand-based journalist David Farrier travels to locations that have a history of war and destruction, over a course of eight episodes. From being in radioactive regions of Fukushima and swimming in a lake formed by nuclear blasts in Kazakhstan to exploring vampire tourism in New Orleans, JFK assassination in Dallas, and a trip to Milwaukee to review the life of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, Farrier puts himself in many trying situations in this documentary.

Dark tourism, “a global phenomenon where people choose to vacation in places associated with death and destruction,” isn’t a discovery. But in the goody-good travel world, it isn’t much talked about either. The show, Dark Tourist, is an attempt to explore this grotesque side of the coin. Whether or not it’s worth taking a “weird holiday before going back to your normal dull existence,” is a hypothetical question, but “life can be dangerous when you are a dark tourist.”

The morbid nature of the show has brought some mixed reviews since its release on July 20. But at the same time, its uniqueness very well caters to the minds of the curious. David Farrier mentions in an interview, “A lot of the places we visited, I was really intrigued to go to, out of curiosity and a morbid interest in some of the things we were looking into.” But in other news, he also warns to “not do any of it”.

The show is streaming worldwide on Netflix. Here’s the trailer: