Daniell’s Tavern at the Imperial, New Delhi is presenting the ‘Clash Of The Titans’ — a conflux of Indian culinary heritage. Reviving the traditions of Nawabs, this clash is on till November 24, November ’18. By Nitya Malik

Clash of the Titans brings two culinary masters at the Imperial. Chef Ved Prakash and Chef Mirza Munnawar Baig will resuscitate the flavours of curries and kebabs. The olden traditions will restore the irresistible flavours of Kebab and Biryani from the royal dwelling of Lucknow, and the renowned rich curries from Purani Dilli.

Daniell's TavernThe most fascinating fact is that the traditional recipes have been passed on to the master chefs by their forefathers. They hold the flavours and savours from generation to generation. The menu prepared by both the chefs brings back the exquisite flavours and traditions of food.

Daniell's Tavern

Chef Mirza will bring Gosht ki Ghilawat, Kakori kebabs, Chakunder aur Raamdana ki tikki and biryani while Chef Ved will bring Guchhi Mussalam, Mahi Nazakat, Dilli6  ka Mutton Korma with Purani Dilli ka shahi tukda to the table.

Daniell’s Tavern attempts to bring to the table both, the heart of Lucknow and Delhi. It is a connoisseur combat of mouthwatering food that you definitely don’t want to miss.