As we are advancing towards the completion of this year, the global events calendar is buzzing with events and cultural festivals from around the world. This list will help you keep a tab! By Kumar Shree

1. The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Every year, the original blue hue of the Mexican sky presents itself as a perfect backdrop for the colour extravaganza induced by the vibrant, glowing balloons that adorn it. The annual balloon festival in New Mexico witnesses as many as 750 hot-air balloons floating in the sky. So many balloons along with the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the backdrop makes for a stunning frame. The cultural outpour in the form of native dances like flamenco and mariachi makes for a spectacular festive spirit, thus making the event one of the must-attend cultural festivals in the world.

Where: New Mexico

When: Oct 5–13

2. Mevlana Whirling Dervishes

If you admire the creations of the celebrated Sufi poet Rumi and have pursued the essence of his works, attending the Mevlana Whirling Dervishes in Turkey is a must for you. Every year, Konya in Turkey, Rumi’s resting ground for eternity hosts a 10-day celebration to commemorate his death anniversary. Thousands of Rumi’s followers arrive in the city and perform the dervish dance, dressed in the white robes. The conglomerate creates a spectacle that is rarely to be seen elsewhere.

Where: Konya, Turkey

When: Oct 10–18

3. Festival du Nouveau Cinéma

The festival is a haven for cinema enthusiasts who seek joy in deconstructing what’s on the celluloid and arriving at the core of it rather than just giving it a breezy watch. The 11-day event promotes discussion on cinema and attracts artists, professionals and commoners alike for a gala of everything concerning the visual-art. Expect hundreds of movie features mingled with cocktail parties in an informal set up to give you the experience to cherish for a lifetime. 

Where: Montreal, Canada 

When: Oct 9–20 

4. Frankfurt Book Fair 

What Festival du Nouveau Cinéma is for movie enthusiasts, the Frankfurt Book Fair is for the bibliophiles. The book fair sees an assemblage of booksellers, writers, publishers, designers, lovers and other professionals involved with the books. The 500-year-old festival also hosts exhibitors from around 100 countries and covers everything – right from children’s literature to audiobooks. Arrive at the festival to be a part of the world’s largest trade fair for books in the world.

Where: Frankfurt, Germany

When: Oct 16–20

5. Salon du Chocolat

The Paris Chocolate Show celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, which makes the chocolaty event even special. This year, the annual exhibition will see more than 200 personalities like chocolate connoisseurs, chefs, and businesspersons come under one roof to celebrate and elevate one of the best human creations ever. Expect to indulge in some expert masterclasses, interact with world best chefs, get an insider’s look at their recipes and your hands at loads of chocolates, ice-creams and pastries.

Where: Paris

When: Oct 30–Nov 3

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