Snuggled in a warmly-lit corner of One Style Mile, Serai is the latest culinary cocktail bar by The Olive Group that is taking the drift of cocktail infusion to a whole new level. By Priyanka Chakrabarti

On my way to Serai on a cold Saturday evening, I expected nothing but sophistication. Sophistication in terms of cocktail choices, décor and of course, the food curation. And Serai absolutely lived up to my expectations.  

As I walked inside the space, warm and muted pastel notes commanded attention to detail. Vintage lamps, floral wall art, a quote that says, “This is where you are meant to be,” and old postcards recreated a classic vibe that exuded a feeling of romance, nostalgia and timelessness. It was a welcoming vibe. I especially loved the rustic white walls beautifully contrasting with palm leaves and cane furnishings. After all, we do love the beauty of subtle imperfections because #wanderlustvibes!

Serai is a culinary cocktail bar. I was told, they want their guests to enjoy their homemade infusions while nibbling on unique concept foods. They were being grand with their choice of cocktails and honestly, tequilas were stealing the show. But when I asked the restaurant representative about the limited food options, she explained that they aim to offer memorable drinking experiences while the finger food promises to sustain one through the evening without compromising on the buzz (I hope you know what I mean). Point noted!

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• #CulinaryCocktails 🥃• We think of winter, we think of warmth, fire, and a time of celebrations. We have often seen menus dedicating themselves to the use of spices and root vegetables world over. This winter we are giving a honegrown and spicy twist to the classic favourite Old Fashioned (usually made of bourbon + orange peel + bitters). Our Turmeric Old Fashioned is made using the fresh puree of raw turmeric root (grown in north India during the colder months) + a heady shot of Jack Daniel's. This is a beautiful earthy root spice that adds a great flavour depth, and a kick of warmth to the drink. Also comes packed with a myriad healing and medicinal qualities, known for being one of the most powerful spices in the ancient Vedic literature/Ayurveda. #cincin #salute 🙏

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I started with my first cocktail, the Sangria Sour– a gorgeous-looking, pink-hued concoction blended with red wine and vodka-infused fruits, Tennessee whisky, egg white, lime juice, and sprinkled with rose dust. Charming, isn’t it? Or, should I call it a smooth medley? After this, I sampled the Turmeric Old Fashion. This cocktail leans greatly on the bitter flavours of raw turmeric, Tennessee whisky and yuzu bitters. Lastly, Strawberry Teq-Tonic stole the spotlight. It was tequila infused with strawberry and served with tonic water – perfect for people who are looking for a sweeter note.

As far as the food is concerned, the Angle Burger was a truly indulgent affair – a triangle-shaped burger with a tiger prawn patty, bacon and pork skin. The Beijing Duck was a delectable choice, too. It’s a homemade sour-dough flatbread topped with a plum-glazed duck leg. I would also recommend their Lamb Buddha Dumpling and the Japa Guac (smashed avocado guacamole served in homemade cornets).

Serai believes in serving patrons from all walks of life. Their menu is a reflection minimalism – fresh ingredients and in-house shrubs, and the food is absolutely worth every penny. This brand-new baby in Mehrauli is bending tradition while keeping things super hip!

Where: Olive Bar & Kitchen, One Style Mile, Haveli 6, Kalka Das Marg, Mehrauli, New Delhi

Opening Hours: From 5 pm to 12:30 am, from Wednesday to Sunday 

Price:  INR 3,500 for two (approximately)

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