While the Caribbean waters of Cuba are infamous for their cruises, the streets of Havana are home to some of the most stunning vintage cars. If you’re a classic car buff, you are bound to fall in love with Cuba’s rich history of vintage cars. By Upasana Singh


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The strongest evidence of the US-Cuban relationship is marked by 60,000 retrofitted imported cars. After the Cuban Revolution, the US banned the import of American cars and their mechanical parts. That’s the reason why Cuba has become a living museum for classic cars today.

From the 1950s Chevy with a Russian engine, to the more recent Chinese Geely and Nissan, these vintage classics are one of the main tourist attractions of the country.


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Driving around the old streets of Havana, red Cadillac completes the picture-perfect vanilla skies. These period vehicles enable tourists to transport themselves in the bygone era and ride in vintage style. Whether one wants to drive along the oceanfront of Malecon or travel to Old Havana and its fortifications, these impeccably preserved cars offer an experience of a lifetime. The old-school dashboards and manual gears remind you of the antique charms in the modern world.

Havana’s vintage car tours are also available to help you explore the culture and traditions of Cuba. Custom and private vintage car city tours will take you to some of the most isolated spots of the country.


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The more classic American relics such as the Soviet-made Lada and the Buick classic can be spotted in older parts of Havana. These vehicles serve as taxis for tourists who want a quick 10 to 15-minute ride. You can also choose from rows of beautiful taxis parked at places like Varadero.

In Cuba, classic cigars and rum are found in plenty. However, the experience of cruising in old American convertibles just before the sunset is a memory you will always cherish.

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