#SomeGoodNews: Cuba Is Planning To Reopen For Tourism Soon

Cuba has announced tentative plans of reopening tourism. Take a look at its strategies below. By Kumar Shree

The Cuban government plans to reopen the country for tourism soon. The reopening will unfold in three phases, where the first phase is expected to begin towards late June. This phase will resume domestic travel that has been stalled since March. Phase two is expected to begin from late August and will see the return of international tourists. This phase will come with regulations and guidelines in place to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak by identifying and monitoring it in the first place. A third phase is also in the pipelines, but no confirm date has been declared yet.

Initially, the small regional airports in Cuba will reopen only for chartered flights from overseas destinations. The travellers will be driven directly to Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, and Cayo Santa María in the north and Cayo Largo del Sur in the south. Varadero, the country’s largest resort, Havana, and other mainland towns and cities of Cuba will remain off-limits for international tourists. This will keep the tourism limited to certain resort enclaves during phase two.

In other precautions and preparations, all arriving travellers at airports must take swab and temperature tests. Special health clinics will be set up in hotels that will regularly monitor the guests, and anyone who tests positive during their stay will be hospitalised. Hotel workers might also be quarantined after every two-week shift if the situation demands.

Private owned and run hospitality businesses like resorts, homestays, and restaurants can reopen only after phase three kicks in.

These new measures and the reopening of Cuba tourism ignite hopes of bringing some relief to the country’s economic situation that has already taken a hit because of multiple factors.

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