This Cricket World Cup Season Explore The Victorian Architecture At Leeds, UK

This cricket world cup season, let’s dwell into history and experience the exquisite Victorian architecture at Leeds, UK. By Swastika Mukhopadhyay

India is playing against Sri Lanka on July 6 at Headingley, Leeds this Cricket World Cup. Apart from its usual modern attractions, Leeds features a quaint Victorian architecture, which provides a contrasting landscape that will surely take you back in time. Check out these beautiful Victorian style landmarks here at Leeds, UK.

1. Leeds City Museum

The best way to travel back in time is through the plethora of museums situated in the city. Designed by Cuthbert Brodrick, Leeds City Museum falls under the category of most impressive Victorian buildings in the city. Completed in 1868, this museum contains exhibits that depict the history of Leeds. It houses the Natural History gallery, Ancient World’s gallery, World View gallery and Leeds Story gallery.

2. Abbey House Museum

A walk through history! Take a stroll through the enchanted streets, houses and shops and discover how life was like as a Victorian, all inside this museum. Situated in Kirkstall Leeds, this museum is located in the gatehouse of the 12th century Kirkstall Abbey. You can also witness people in traditional costume wandering through the recreated Victorian streets on special events.

3. The Victoria Quarter Arcades

The Victoria Quarter Arcades dates back a hundred years and is soaked in history. Famous architect, Frank Matcham designed the arcades using rich marbles, mosaics, wrought iron and carved mahogany. Brian Clarke, a British artist created the stained-glass roof, which ultimately became the largest stained-glass window in Britain. It is now a lifestyle and leisure destination.

4. Kirkgate market

Located on Vicar Lane, this is the largest covered market in all of Europe. Dating back to 1857, this majestic building emerged as the first retail street in Leeds. It is a well-known landmark where one of Britain’s biggest global brands Marks & Spencer saw its provenance. You can find yourself amidst plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable shops. You can also purchase warm cakes, fragrant herbs and don’t forget to try out those artisan cheeses.

5. Leeds Corn Exchange

If you’re looking for the most impressive Victorian architecture, this is it. This grade-one listed structure opened on July 28, 1863. The edifice was designed by architect Cuthbert Brodrick who also designed the Town hall and Leeds City Museum. This building houses numerous retailers. It also hosts numerous record fairs and vintage markets under its glorious domed roof.

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