We don’t need to tell you that our environment and the world at large, along with humanity is at threat. We don’t need to tell you that single-use plastic is one of the major factors contributing to this threat. And we sure as hell hope we don’t need to tell you why it ought to be banned. After all, to bring upon real change, we need to be able to ‘sea’ the change. Geddit? Well, that pun may have been bad but what these countries are aiming for is far from it. Not only are they keeping up with the current environmental emergencies but also setting examples for other nations to follow. Because, what needs to be done, must be done. And hey, on that note, how about taking a trip to one of these super-awesome countries to cheer for their efforts in person? By Shubhanjana Das

1. Kenya

To top our list is Kenya. Well, the four years’ jail, the massive $38,000 fine on anyone using, selling, or producing plastic bags is no joke! Not to mention that such a strict ban is bringing forth seriously creative alternatives to single use plastic bags.

2. Rwanda

Claiming the tag of being the first plastic-free nation in the world, it seems like Rwanda got the message before any of us could. As a result, it banned all plastic packaging and plastic bags on 2008. The ban is efficiently carried out and imposed on people till date. There is a sentence of six months of jail if caught with plastic. Every vehicle is checked on the border post to look for any plastic bags or packaging. Now that’s what we call a serious ban!

3. Taiwan

In what is being considered as one of the most far-reaching bans in the world, Taiwan announced a ban on all plastic bags, straws, and utensils, and cups, successfully recognising four of the major sources of single-use plastic in any developing/developed country. Taiwan’s ban comes as the greatest icing on a cake of efficient recycling programmes.

4. New Delhi

Faced by a life-threatening degree of air pollution due to the burning of plastic trash in the mountain-like dumps in the city (among other reasons), New Delhi has imposed a blanket ban on single-use plastic bags back in 2017. Those caught storing, selling, producing, using plastic bag could be fined with a sum of INR 25,000 along with three months in jail.

5. Australia

It is a happy news to every environmentalist around the world that Australia has been able to cut down 83% of its total plastic waste by banning single-use plastic bags. Given that Australia is second only to the US in its generation of waste, this is not only a national but also a global achievement.

6. France

Not like we needed more reasons to fall in love with France over again, the country just gave us a major reason to do so. In 2016, France became the first country in the world to announce a sweeping ban on all plastic cups, plates, and cutlery followed by a total plastic bag ban in 2015. The former is supposed to be imposed come 2020.

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