7 Most Expensive Cruises In the World Worth Saving Every Penny For

When you begin the trip with Champagne helicopter transfers and arrive at your ship to 10-course Michelin Star meals, you know you’ve booked into cruising paradise. Read on to find out what makes these cruises the most expensive ever. By Payal Das


Silver Whisper

Credits: Silversea Whisper

The Silversea World Cruise, owned by the Lefebvre family of Rome, is a class apart, and its Silver Whisper is by far the most luxurious ship owned by the company. It has various categories of rooms and suites to choose from, each promising world-class accommodation. In 2019, the cruise plans a voyage of 133 days that will take guests on nine routes, dock at 52 ports, and disembark in 31 countries. The passengers will be picked up from their homes by helicopter, who will then experience fine hospitality in air till they reach the London airport to hop on board their cruiser: Think Beluga Caviar (INR 4,33,000 per kg) and tea so rare it’s priced at more than INR2,164,000 per kg. When they arrive at the much-awaited ship, a Michelin Star chef will be ready with a 10-course meal! The price of the least expensive suite starts from INR 15,00,000 (per guest) and goes up to 1 CR 48 lacs (per guest).



Million Pound Cruises

Credits: Million Pound Cruise

The Million Pound Cruise, an offering of Six Star Cruises, UK, is the most expensive and most luxurious cruise ever created. It offers A-class treatment to guests who are willing to shell out a whopping INR 6,87,40,500 per couple! It starts with a Beluga caviar and champagne-fueled helicopter transfer to the airport, followed by a private charter flight in a Boeing Business Jet to the port of departure. This may be your most memorable transfer ever, because the jet, at a little over 1,000-square-feet in size, costs an incredible INR 20,62,21,500.

On board the ship, you will have access to lounges, large suites and a dining room that’s  serviced by a top Michelin Star chef. On your arrival, the chef will create a bespoke 10-course tasting menu. Choose a journey on the ‘Caribbean Delights New Orleans Mississippi and Memphis’ route that begins in Antigua and traverses St Lucia, Barbados, and St Marten to reach Puerto Rico in 28 days.



Queen Mary 2

Credits: Queen Mary 2 

The RMS Queen Mary 2 is the largest passenger ship built for the British Cunard Line. It has duplex suites with marble finished floors, a private gym, and balconies. The Queens Grill suite has private butler services as well. The ship has world class entertainment ready for its passengers, a planetarium at sea, workshops by famous literary speakers, a spa club, a playing deck for pets, and a very large library! All in all, a round-the-world trip in this suite can cost up to INR 1,11,27,700, which makes it the costliest cabin on water. Enjoy your New Year’s Eve on the Canary Islands course that starts from Southampton, UK and docks at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; the cost is upwards of INR 6,66,800 per night.


National Geographic Expeditions

Credits: expedition.com

If you want to cruise between polar ports and travel deep into the Polar regions, embark on a trip with National Geographic. On board the exhilarating cruise, you’ll realise how exclusive this journey is as you see the ship cut through the ice in sub-zero temperatures. During the journey, the crew offers you interesting amenities such as Zodiac landing crafts, kayaks and specialized video equipment so that guests can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. What’s even more interesting is that guests get to meet the National Geographic team that includes seasoned photographers, marine biologists, historians or naturalists, as well as a National Geographic-Lindblad certified photo instructors trained to educate you about the polar regions, the limitations, and the best photos you can click here. The journey starts from INR 15,99,090 (per person) and can go up to INR 29,83,540 for the best cabins. One of the best routes is Russia’s Far East and Wrangel Island trip. It is a 13-day tour that costs INR 11,15,600 per person.



Seven Seas Explorer

Credits: TravelPulse

The Seven Seas Explorer by Regent is currently the most luxurious cruise ship ever built! What to expect? High ceilings, crystal chandeliers, sweeping staircases, and marbled floors which are flecked with gold leaf. On board, sign up for special culinary classes with the world’s best Michelin Star chefs and dine at the eight restaurants, among which are Pacific Rim, Chartreuse, and Prime 7. This apart, the ship boasts a world-class spa and a luxury boutique that offers the latest collections from the world’s top brands such as Michael Kors, Roberto Cavalli, and Burberry among others. One of the most famous journeys is the Grand Voyage Tour that takes you on a 77-night excursion that covers more than 55 destinations. Embark on the cruise that starts at Southampton and reaches New York City at INR 24,65,000 per person.


Crystal Serenity

Credits: trekbible

The Crystal Serenity has journeys you absolutely cannot refuse. The enrichment programme in the cruise includes well-known authors, politicians, and and luminaries (think NASA astronaut Captain Scott Kelly and U.S. Marine Corps General Ret. Anthony Zinni) as guest speakers. This apart, there’s luxury dining, private cabins, and entertainment, fitness rooms, on board and shore recreation. Journey across the wild blue sea with the world’s best cruise line and savour the elegance of the golden era of ocean travel; a 26-day tour costs INR 28,98,900 per day.


Seabourn Ovation 

Credits: Montecito Village Travel

The Seabourn Ovation is for those who like to be fashionable on board and are impressed with dress codes, elegant spaces, and an elite crowd. During the day, for example, passengers are allowed to dress in casual, resort-style attire while swimwear, cover-ups and exercise apparels are reserved for the pool area, outside decks, the spa, and the fitness centre only. During the night time, the dress code in all venues is elegant casual. Men are usually seen wearing slacks with a collared dress shirt or sweater (jackets are optional), while women wear slacks or a skirt with a blouse, a pantsuit, or dress. For the art enthusiast, the ship offers a curated collection of famous art pieces and for a gourmand, numerous dining options to choose from. One of the best journeys is on the Antarctica-Patagonia route, which starts at INR 11,68,500 per person per night.

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