Inspired by the miracles of Ayurveda, Conrad Spa in Bengaluru will take you on a journey of self-realisation. By Priyanka Chakrabarti

Journey Of Self-Realisation
Conrad Spa Bengaluru has a lifestyle floor dedicated to wellness and fitness. Courtesy: Conrad Bengaluru

After a hectic day of meetings, I finally reach the Conrad Spa in Bengaluru to unwind. I am told this is my best bet in the city.

The decor of this spa is largely dominated by shades of beige and gold; with a smart interplay of lights, the place emits elegance. At the reception, Mahesh Lal, the spa manager, welcomes me to his wellness shrine. He then escorts me to the seating area and offers me a tall glass of crimson-hued elixir. As I take a sip, a sense of serenity almost instantly washes over me. He tells me this concoction is made of beetroot, lemongrass, mint, cinnamon, and Himalayan pink salt—rich in antioxidants and nutrients.

As I savour this potion, I flip through the spa menu to discover all the rejuvenating therapies they have on offer. Lal implores me to try their signature Ayurvedic massage, and I comply.

Journey Of Self-Realisation
The hotel has hydraulic treatment beds designed to absorb pressure and maintain the natural body temperature. Courtesy: Conrad Bengaluru

My masseuse, Linda from Manipur, chaperones me to the sauna room. It’s always recommended to experience 10 minutes of sauna before a massage; the heat opens the pores, which facilitates better absorption of oil.

Linda starts with a traditional foot ritual. She soaks my feet in a copper vessel filled with lukewarm water and scrubs them gently with Himalayan pink salt. Then, she wipes them dry with a soft cotton towel and leads me to the hydraulic treatment bed. I lie in a facedown position, and the warmth of the bed instantly puts me in a daze; hydraulic treatment beds are designed to absorb pressure and they aid in maintaining the natural body temperature during a session.

Journey Of Self-Realisation
Their crimson elixir is made of beetroot, lemongrass, mint, cinnamon, and Himalayan pink salt. Courtesy: Conrad Bengaluru

She starts massaging my back and legs with long, gentle strokes using medicated Ayurvedic oil. As she kneads the back of my neck and shoulders, she tells me this massage is warming up my muscles and is great for lymphatic drainage.

I turn over and Linda continues to massage my thighs, stomach, hands, neck, face, and head. After 60 minutes of bliss, I go for a refreshing ice bath to ensure my pores are sealed with all the benefits of the oil.

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