Connaught Clubhouse, a new microbrewery and restaurant in New Delhi, is creating quite a stir. I dropped in to check what the buzz is all about. Text and Photographs By Kumar Shree ​

Connaught Clubhouse
Fish Tikka

The restaurant is an elaborate setup wearing a rustic golden-yellow hue. A pony wall parts the bar from the rest of the seating area. There are well-laid seating options for twos, fours, and even bigger groups. The comfy furniture has a regal appeal to it. As I sink into a plush sofa, the soothing tunes of an old Bollywood classic song sets the mood. The glass-enclosed brewing room adds a charm to the place. The chrome-coated brewing vats and pipes invite me to try their magic. By now, I’m already high on the visual aspect of the space; now is the time for gastronomy. ​

Connaught Clubhouse
Potato Wedges

I begin with what’s touted as a ‘hot-favourite on the menu’ — Amarnath Avocado Chaat. The chilly, tangy, and sour offering instantly reminds me of an authentic street-side chaat. However, this is a healthier version with central elements like pomegranate and avocado included in the dish. Next, I try what people consider the ‘simplest dish for a restaurant to give away’ — classic potato wedges. The slices are crafted in perfect symmetry and thickness, the crisp — on point; and the mayonnaise — delectable. ​

Connaught Clubhouse
Changezi Chicken Tikka

Moving on to the non-vegetarian offerings, I decide to order four dishes: two chicken dishes with different styles of cooking, one fish dish, and one seafood. For chicken, I go for the Peri-Peri Chicken (PPC) and Changezi Chicken Tikka (CCT). The PPC is soft, tender, fresh, and juicy. The peri-peri infusion is just right. The CCT, on the other hand, is a staff recommendation. It is heavenly; the marinate could not have been better. It’s a outburst of flavours in my mouth. I can taste the punch of the spices. The slight charring from the tandoor makes it an absolute delight. If you ask me, it’s a must-order. The Fish Tikka and Sweet Mango Pickled Prawn are equally delicious. While the fish melts in my mouth, the prawn emerges as the winner here. To put it simply, it is amazing. The sweetness is apt and elevate the dish to another level. There’s an entire orchestra of flavours going on in my mouth where the sweet highs are in perfect sync with the tangy lows.  ​

Connaught Clubhouse
Eggplant Parmesan

I begin my mains with an eggplant parmesan — again, a classic. I move on to the Gosht Saag paired with Lachcha Paratha and I am literally in food coma. The gosht (meat) — mutton in this case — is cooked so well that it slides off the bones. The spinach gravy serves as the perfect base. I’m a delighted soul as I wipe the bowl clean with a happy grin on my face. ​

Connaught Clubhouse

A plate of Tiramisu satiates my sweet tooth, as I walk out a satisfied diner.

P.S. I dropped in on a dry day, a mistake that cost me a great experience. I suggest you stay away from such faux pas!


Address: Ground Floor 54, Tolstoy Rd, Janpath, New Delhi, Delhi – 110001
Price For Two: INR 2,100 (approx.) for two people
Timings: 12 pm to 1 am
Contact: 011 61495305

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